Where does Spam come from?

After posting the 2004 Spam Survey, I asked for help gathering information about those little addresses on the bottom of some Spam emails.

Some businesses addresses are actually little boxes in UPS and Mail Boxes Etc. Stores. Others are real offices.

These spam-senders below are a fraction of the total number of businesses that spam my address, but they are some of the worst, most frequent offenders.

Click on the photos to read more about each location.

Megan & Jacky visit yet another Las Vegas Spam company. Web Marketing Inc.,  In a real office complex.
Gregg visited Nanuet to get these photos of Boolever, eStrategic, Center Union, Crystal Traffic, Winsom Group and Pactweb.
Is a grand residence in St. Paul the headquarters of the On Pace Marketing spam empire?
Megan & Jacky visited My Mail Values in Las Vegas
M & J also hunted down Rewards Program in Vegas
Owen visited MuShoo Marketing in Los Angeles.
Scott Van Burg checked out BVM in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
TimeSaversDirect in Tarzana, California. It is a real office!
Murray found the Unsubscribe Department in Austin, Texas
Wonderful Bargains in Houston, Texas
Pacelight and Absolute Values, Triecet and Wholezone in Haverstraw, New York
AzoogleAds in Thornhill, Ontario
If you are interested in helping track down spamming addresses, check out the Spam Hunt Menu.

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July 17th, 2004.  

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