Mike and I were chatting in my room last night and he had a great idea.

He noticed that he kept looking up at the wall where my clock used to be, and it was a little frustrating because the clock wasn't there any longer.

"The only thing that would be more frustrating," he said, "is if you had replaced it with a fake clock".

"Great idea!" I said, but rather than frustrate myself and my brother, I decided to make such a fake clock available to you, the paypalling public.

I took photos of my own clock, but I liked this elegant Sterling & Noble clock at Target so much, that I am using it instead.  Maybe you can see my face reflected just above the 6.

I cropped the photo in Photoshop and printed out a high-quality 7" (19cm) version on glossy inkjet paper.

Next I cut off the border and put some tape on the back.

It looks awesome, but it only shows the correct time twice a day.

The back is ready to adhere with green double-stick tape.

This fake clock is perfect for any wall or surface (may not stick to damp surfaces).

Try it in elevators, inside bathroom stalls, in the den, or at the Department of Motor Vehicles! Try it in your prison cell, watch the new guy go nuts!


The shipping is $1.20 within the United States of America, $2 to Canada and $3 to the United Kingdom. I accept paypal, money orders and checks. Ships flat. A paper printout of this auction is included.

Batteries not included.

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