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Semaphore Message Maker

Stranger Things Lightbulb Message Maker

Gun Show Prank

Twelve Ways Convention Booths Grab Your Attention

Pokemon Go! Players are Discovering Sacramento Parks

Updated! Posting Enhanced Parking Signs in Sacramento

Posting Enhanced Parking Signs in Sacramento

New! A Backyard Treasure Hunt for Kids

New! Smoking Study Unable to Show Negative Effect on Skin

Added the FINAL -37- portraits to the Smoker's Age Chart, for a total of 378 portraits. Holy cow, so many pictures. I ended up with one or more representative for ages 0-80. including the 34 year old non-smoker Melissa.

New! Let's Make Some Tiny Houses for Homeless in Sacramento

Upgrading the Kids' Fort

You Might be Shocked by the Prices of Prescription Drugs with Ads on Television
Return of the Compliment Exchange
Mentos Toss

A couple of friends have launched an escape room in Sacramento. The company is Golden Puzzle Rooms and the first room is the Study. It is awesome!
I was part of a beta test on the room and the experience was really great! The environment was well executed, the puzzles were not too easy (we didn't escape in time) and not too hard. Just that feeling of unlocking one major puzzle was worth the price of admission. Try it!

Instant Modelling Gig

Draining Oil Through the Engine Dipstick Tube
The Compliment Exchange
Chris, age 65, Poster Child for Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes
Just the eyes! Age Chart Eyes Only! It is my opinion that Kasha has the most attractive eyes of anyone on the chart.
I added a little color to show who has a history of smoking.

Look at this! My Smokers vs. Non-Smokers Age Photos

Does Black Bark Mulch Help Keep Moisture in the Soil?

How Much Water does a Fountain Use?.
Find your Body Surface Area.
Have you seen Yosemite?
Instigating a Standing Ovation at the Furious Seven Premiere
The Rocky Challenge! Daring people on the street to drink raw eggs.
Results from Halloween Costume Contests.
Finished! 1,000 Pictures of Disneyland!
Downton Abbey Costume!

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