Join the Elite Comment Strike Force!!!

Hi. I have an idea, and I'll need help to make it happen.
I'd like to sell 1,000 comments.

Sometimes, a web article is fantastic, but it doesn't LOOK fantastic, because there are no comments at the end. Worse than the lack of comments is the little scoreboard, reading COMMENTS (0).

COMMENTS (0) is like a silent crowd of motionless spectators. It sucks.

To help put an end to this injustice, I would like to form the Elite Comment Strike-Force!!! comments-leavers have been previously documented as among the best in the world.

Are you interested? Have you ever been on an elite strike force before, or is this your first?

Leaving a comment doesn't sound like much work, and it isn't, but (depending on the comments section) there can be a certain amount of paperwork required ( i.e. signing up for an account, decoding a captcha).

When I secure comment pledges that total 1,000, I'll start the auction. A week later, a winner will be determined, and I will get paid! Whoo! But wait! It doesn't end there!

Within 20 days of end of the auction, the strike force will, uh, strike. I'll post a link to the winning, comment-ready website, releasing a firestorm of comments.

(US DHS Statement of Non-threatening behavior c.US-REA2006: There will be no actual fire).

For the next seven days, I'll ask readers to make good on their comment pledges. They should visit the target website and make comments there.

The final effect should be a website crackling with feedback. The overstuffed comments sections will reflect an active and verbose reader base. It will be the web-article version of a glamorous Hollywood star.

If you would like to sign up, and get in on the strikeforce action, type your comments pledge into the box below, and indicate how many comments you are willing to leave on the winning article/page. Use this format: Barry Montgomery: 5 comments.

Qs and As:

Q. What do we say in the comments section?
A. Whatever you want. Just type some words into the little box. People love to get comments, unless they are totally lame, off-topic, or mean spirited. Just be yourself, preferably polite yourself.

Q. Do the comments have to be elite?
A. No, no, the comments aren't elite, the strike force is elite.

Q. Can one person leave more than one comment?
A. Yes. Knock yourself out. Try to allow someone else to leave a comment before you submit a second comment. Leaving an uninterrupted string of comments is no better than leaving one long comment. Also, try to restrict yourself to 20 comments per person.

Q. This sounds incredible! How do I sign up?
A. Please type your name or psuedonym into the box below, and indicate how many comments you are willing to leave on the winning article/page. Use this format: Robert Cockerham: 5 comments.

Q. The winner gets 1,000 comments, and you get the money, what is in this for me?
A. This will be awesome!

Q. Awesome? It sounds kind of crappy.
A. Wait, there is more: As an active member of the elite comment strike force, you'll have an opportunity to direct the strike force. I've set up Strike force Comments Mission Command, where you can paint potential targets for the force. If you have an article, flickr photo or myspace page that needs comments, just type or paste the page's URL into the "New Targets of Opportunity" field. That will, after a short delay, by transformed into an easy-to-follow super set of comment-ready co-strikeforcers targets.

Join the Elite Comment Strike Force!!! today. Pledge your comment commitment in the box below. Thank you.

Update! We reached 1000 comments pledged! Thank you for your interest!
The auction is here: Comments auction.


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September 28, 2006 

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