Wow! Look at this ball of aluminum foil.

 It is about 16" diameter. A real nice ball. There is hardly any tape in was taped to the walls in the laundry room during the Flashlight party, so some masking tape and scotch tape is in there, but not too much. It wasn't used to wrap food.

Here it is in the seat of my chair.

The ball contains at least 500 square feet of aluminum foil. I have a lot of experience in this area. See  to find out what I am talking about.

What would you want with all this aluminum foil? I don't know. It would react with Lye pretty ferociously, or you could give it to your little sister and see how small she could crush it.


Vincent stepped on it already, and we mushed it into a new ball, so it is already fairly dense.  It was a 31" ball when I brought it to his house.

Chair not included.

You are bidding on a big ball of aluminum foil. Shipping is $4 within the USA, but I will pay for shipping IF you send an email with all the names of the 9 planets on it.