The AH-64A Apache Longbow attack helicopter is used to conduct rear, close, and deep operations; deep precision strike; and provide armed reconnaissance and security when required. 


The AH-64D Longbow Apache is the most advanced, versatile, survivable, deployable and maintainable multi-role combat helicopter in the world. Longbow Apache integrates the most modern digital avionics and weapons, as well as powerful T700-GE-701C engines. The AH-64D Longbow Apache builds on the proud tradition of its legendary predecessor, the battle-proven AH-64A Apache. The Longbow Apache is uniquely suited to dominate the digital battlefield of the future. A key feature of the AH-64D Longbow Apache is its lethal array of armament including up to 16 fire-and-forget Radio Frequency Hellfire missiles, and an improved Data Modem that transmits real-time, secure digitized battlefield information to multiple sources. The AH-64D Longbow Apache affords Army Aviation unprecedented cost effectiveness and multi-mission versatility.


The AH-64D will be fielded in two versions: 227 will be equipped with the FCR and the remaining 531 will not. The aircraft without FCRs will not receive the improved engines or Radar Frequency Interferometer, but will retain the other AH-64D modifications. The AH-64D without FCR is capable of launching the RF missile.

If you encounter an Apache helicopter in a field, and you are thinking of using it against an invading army, or using it to get the hell out of Dodge, it is CRITICAL that you have the key to start the engine.

You can try to start the thing up without the keys, but rest assured, you are going to end up firing off the 14 Hellfire missiles into the side of your Ministry of Science and Agriculture building if you fail. That's going to look pretty bad.

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Marked 16414, This fancy brass key is exactly what you need to unlock the sky!

Imagine your commanders surprise when you crank up the engine and hover over the Garage! Ha ha! Whoo! Instant promotion!

Key comes with a handy directional compass. Keys to the Apache glove box are not included.

Although this key will start the 'copter, it won't teach you how to fly it, so please don't bid if you don't know how to fly a $22 million jet-powered screaming eagle of death.


I will ship this key immediately after the auction ends, and I'll ship it USPS express, so could conceivably get the key in time to escape defend your homeland.

This auction is for the brass key shown. I found it near an air force base, so I'm sure it fell out of some pilot's pants or something. I guess it COULD be for some other type of attack helicopter, or for a missile battery or for a bus locker, but I'm pretty sure it is for an important lock of some kind, and it is definitely a key.

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