is running a pyramid scheme

They claim to be selling something, which would make them a Multi-level Marketing business, but the ebooks they are selling aren't worth any money.

Search on Google for Totally Free Ebooks.

I think if they were in the business of selling ebooks, they wouldn't have named the website "", it would be ""

They are really selling a spot on their list to get a free laptop. The price is $29. Unfortunately, with more than 5,504 people on their list already, a free laptop is a going to be a long shot. 

The first page of names. There are seven pages of names, but you'll notice that they don't number the names.

Someone who signs up after January 10, 2003 is going to be waiting a while. If 29 new people sign up every day, it will take 2.6 days for one laptop to be given out. That would be 137 laptops every year, so the 5,504th name on the list (Ryan Dodds) would get his laptop in about 40 years.

More information about the free electronics scams on ebay.

-Rob Cockerham

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