On June 4th, 2003, Chris Loenthal emailed a link to the Ghost in a Jar auction on ebay. That auction was getting a million zillion hits, so I thought it would be funny to post an auction mocking it. My first thought was "toast in a jar". I hastily threw together this auction with Melanie's help.

I kept the title of the auction "Ghost in a jar" so that I would get traffic from people looking for the infamous Ghost in a jar auction, but I wrote a little "additional info" appendix to the auction explaining that I accidentally wrote "Ghost" instead of "Toast" because of the Ouija pad on my iBook.

The ghost in a jar auction continued to cause a panic, and auction overflow pulled the toast into the confusion. Dave Barry linked to the toast on his blog and linked to it on their message boards. 

Soon Toast in a jar had 30,000 hits, 33 bids and a high bid of $15,099. I also received 21 nice "Question for Seller" emails in two days. On June 5, actually got more traffic from the toast auction (1,300 visitors) than it did from the Webby Awards Online Celebration (300 visitors).

Ebay pulled the toast auction on the third day, so I didn't get a screenshot of the chaos.

Ebay gave two reasons for pulling the auction, First, it is against the rules to post an auction with an unrelated hyperlink (or more than one hyperlink) in it, and it is against the rules to post an auction with an inaccurate title. No big deal. I wasn't really going to get the $15,099 anyway. 


The Auction


This auction is for a piece of toast in a jar.

The toast started off as a slice of Sara Lee Homestyle Wheat bread. After a few moments in the fiery southern pit of this Proctor Silex kitchen toaster, the bread had changed irreversibly into toast.

The toast contains about 100 calories.

Here is the actual slice of toast emerging from the toaster.

This photo required a bunch of clean-up in photoshop. It probably would have been easier to actually clean the toaster.

Although the toast isn't haunted or anything, it is still pretty weird. Toast? In a jar? Bizarre!

The slice of toast may be a little moldy by the time it arrives at your house. I don't know how jarred toast keeps, but I'm sure whoever buys it will enjoy having toast in a jar. I don't recommend opening toast in a jar or eating toast in a jar.

If you want to read more about toast, check out Dropping Toast on

The shipping is $3 within the United States of America, $4 to Canada and $4 to the United Kingdom. I accept paypal, money orders and checks. This auction is just as funny with no bids, so please don't bid unless you actually want the toast in a jar, and you are willing to pay for the jar and the shipping.

Send email: rob at with any questions.