There is a homeless guy in downtown Sacramento who produces an vast array of work. He makes little signs that address his concerns in an interesting way.

He uses black Sharpie markers on cardboard, heavy paper, file folders and wood... almost any material is suitable for a politically charged sign by USA Against Racism Homeless.

He leaves these signs downtown. Sometimes they are propped against signposts or in doorways, sometimes they are attached to trees or bus stops.

I like them.

This one reads:

On One Side Is Racist Nazi, Other is USA, Nazi Start A War, Later Nazi's Find Out USA is Nazi Also Seriously Pretending To Be USA. (USA) FBI Loitering 24 Hrs Daily Watching For Enemy's. Learn How to Break Bricks, Kill Brain Motor, Shrapnel

with a side note to: Memorize Intense Pleasure

It is printed on a Manila envelope.

Here is another one. This one was on J Street near 19th.

Nazi's Start A War Against USA, Later, Nazi Finds Out USA is Nazi Also Pretending To Being USA Foo. School Health Class Is Martial Arts - Imagine Intense Pleasure. God Says Created Everything. Believers, God Created The Devil. USA/FBI (Foo) Loitering 24Hrs Daily Watching For Enemy Aliens, Serial Killers, Etc. Be Alert Against Animal Murders - You Only Need 1 Type Meat To Eat - Vegetar. Rated XXX Sex Ed Videos. Push Cars Gas Pedal And Move a 2000+ Car - Excorsist. Every 1 Against Abortion Believers Against Violence - FootBall Is...

It is printed on cardboard.

Here is another one. It is in Dave Smith's Collection (website).

If You Pass This Simple IQ Test - Your Not Idiot - Are you Tespassing On Private Property And Are You Loitering - (Brainy) This Is USA Against Racism- X-Ray Vision - Did You Pass This Test. (USA Against Racism Homeless) We Have Secrets We Don't Want You To Have. From Against Racism

This one is printed on heavy paper.

Here is one I spotted leaning against a tree around 21st Street.

Your The 1 That Can't Handle Looking At My Caucasian Female Body Nude In Public Sex Ed Videos.

This one was on heavy paper.


Here are some more:

Body Nude | Push A thousand lbs Car | Nazis Start A War | Cops-Cop Killer | Can't Handle | Pretending to be USA | Enemy Aliens | Football Is Violent T.V. Bootcamp | Did My V Hurt You | 10 Airplane Tickets | I Am Not A Sinner | Disney World | Korea Against Racism | My Skin Color | Flips + Balance | If Hitler Landed On Plymouth Rock | Motels Are To Expensive | Their Pussy Cats | Memerize Intense Pleasure | Health Class | Foo | Eat Lots of Beans | Culprit Foo | Ninja Sisters | IQ Test | Have to Have I.D. | Sex With My Girlfriend | Racist Hitler Singing | Tracking Abilities | All The Little Children | We Have Secrets | Physical Armies | I'm A Rubber Ball | Beutifull Flower | You Can Be Seen 3 Times | Nazi Finds Out | The Devil Has his Own Kingdom | (X-Ray Eyes) | Kill Brain Motor | Taliban Killed 5000+ | Every Hit Team on Earth | A Death With | Pretending to Be USA (Spys) | Health Class Is Martian Arts | Move 2000lb Car |

Did I mention he makes a lot of these signs?



He has a variety of themes. Some stick with him, some are left behind. He has been making these signs for at least 4 years.

In this photo, I captured a downtown business owner complaining about the signs on J Street.

He was interviewed for an article in the Sacramento News and Review in August, 2001. He seems to use more colorful language when speaking, and yes, I stole their photo.

I bet most medium-sized cities have a few wild homeless artists cranking out good material, but I challenge you to outdo USA Against Racism Homeless. I don't think he will ever rival Keith Haring or Obey Giant but you never know.

Found Magazine specializes in strange found items. 


  1.  I remembered a crazy sticker from Minneapolis, 2001 and
  2. Mark Franklin wrote and sent photos of interesting signs in Kamloops, BC.
Thanks to Dave Smith, owner of many of these signs (website), and to Summer. Larry Dalton shot the original portrait of USA against Racism Homeless.
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