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This page is where I post individual favor price quotes for Cockeyed readers.

My first question is from Nathan:

Hey Rob, you have the price for a trip to the local airport, but... how about a morning rush-hour ride to SFO? (100 miles) leave Sac @ 5:00am for 9:30am flight, rain, curb service only. ex-girlfriend flying to Hawaii to meet new boyfriend for vacation.  -Nathan


Wow, Nathan, that sucks. I hope you didn't volunteer for this trip just so you could spend a few fleeting hours near her. Either way, now that she is your ex-girlfriend, you and her can use this price guide. I know this took at least 6 hours, and although you weren't working hard (like helping her move to Las Vegas), you were probably driving your car ($20 in gasoline) and paying $4 in tolls. By my estimate, she owes you $38 in cash or favors. However, if you stopped in San Francisco for pleasure; to snap a photo or watch a mime, the value of that favor is only $31.


If you have a question, or a story of extreme favor circumstances, please write today!

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