On September 11, 2001, everyone at iConvention was allowed to go home early from work.

I tried to capture the day in Sacramento, California.

This truck was the very first of many flag-waving vehicles that emerged since that day. I was on the way home at about 10:40am PST. This one almost made me cry.

I wrote an article about the flags in cars a few months later.

After about 3 hours of television, I ventured out to capture scenes on the streets, but almost everyone else was still indoors, watching television.

I photographed the notices on doors instead.

There was a cop stationed outside the capitol building, parked on the steps.
The food network was down. Note blurry lily background.
Sept.11, 2001 was the first day that Yahoo ever had a photograph on their homepage.

Here is a screenshot.

MSNbc had a low-res homepage up, due to high-traffic.

I was motivated to write an article regarding carry-on items too.

I'd also like to thank the onion.com for the way they punctuated the feeling in America.

I think the internet holds great promise for world peace. That might sound silly or naive, but everyday people across the globe are learning about each other faster than ever before. Meeting, talking with, and understanding other people is a critical step in treating them as equals.



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