Fish Man Costume

What follows is a copy of the text that accompanied my Fish Costume when I posted it for sale on Ebay.

I made this helmet in October this year for the 1999 Lucasfilm Halloween party in San Rafael, CA. It is a two-piece construction, with Velcro closures. You look through the nostrils and your chin pokes out of the mouth like a fat Jabba tongue. Two pairs of AA batteries power an array of green LED lights around each eye. It looks rad. New batteries last about 12 hours. A large fin runs along the back, with 2 smaller fins at horn/ear height behind the eyes. It is a lightweight setup, made out of expanded foam. Imagine a block of styrofoam on your head to get an idea of the weight. It is sturdy, you can dance with it (assuming you can dance without it). Its hinged design should accommodate any adult's head, (mine is 59cm around), I wore a brimless baseball cap underneath, and cotton gloves under the rubber ones.

I won a "door prize" at the party, which was that ILM podracer t-shirt I've got on in photo four. The crowd loved it, and I had my photo taken at least 30 times that night! It is one of a kind. The dark paint has rubbed off in a few spots, but shouldn't be a problem to re-touch in time for next year or New Year's antics. Ideal for a rental costume or low-budget movie. I'm not sure what kind of Christmas present this would make... Buyer pays actual shipping costs, which I estimate at US$15 (due to the large size).
The costume was bid on by 3 people, and James Dunham of Virginia had the winning bid of US$15. When I received his check, I was thrilled to see that it was an Empire Strikes Back Check.
Here are some photos from the Amazing Lucasfilm Party, including the Titanic Costume, the homeless Jedi, Iron Giant, Madeline in Paris, and the Men In Black who arrested me on stage.


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