Alien Fisherman

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The accessories got a gray coat of paint and some black details. I tried to make the text look alien.

Finally the alien skin was refined enough to give a final paint job.

Here he is, off of the coffee can and on his little gray stool.

Painting has never been my strong point. I gave his skin a little texture, making it a mottled bluish-gray color.

Side view.

The usual comment was "he is so cute, I love him!".

I hoped my client would love him too!

I took a series of photographs and sent them out to Eric. I was nervous. Would the fisherman would be good enough for his restaurant, and how long would it take to construct 12-14 aliens?  This first one had taken about 5 days, working about 5 hours per day.  

After a week, I hadn't heard back from Eric, so I sent a second email asking if he liked the fishing alien or had any questions.

He asked me to re-send the photos, so I did.

He didn't write back after that.

Maybe it was because he lost the funding for the restaurant, or the health inspectors in Minnesota were afraid of extraterrestrial disease, or because of how crudely the fish were painted.

It would have been cool, not only for the money, but to be able to say my sculptures decorate a theme restaurant in Minnesota.

I've always heard that every craftsman or artist has a few projects that they don't ever get paid for, but at least I still have the alien, so I'm selling him on ebay.

Look for the auction starting Thursday, June 19th, 2003.


The paper mache fishing alien sold for $188 on ebay! Thanks to all bidders!

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June 12th, 2003   

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