Whipped Cream

How much Whipped Cream is there in a can of Reddi Wip? How many spelling liberties? Even though this is almost the same visual effect as shaving cream, we had to find out. Whipped cream has been dispensed under pressure for decades, usually onto ice cream, so I emptied out a large can of whipped cream into a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice cream.
It took nearly 60 seconds to empty the can, and my ice cream was awash in cool topping! I estimate the volume to be a quart of whipping.

The can had a bit of propellant left inside when I was done, so I decided to try filling my lungs with the mysterious gas.

I guess the hot lights from the photo-shoot had made me lightheaded, as I soon started laughing and suddenly passed out cold!

Neither Mark nor I remember this photo being taken, but when we got the pictures back, we found Mark had tried shaving with the whipped cream! I encourage everyone working around hot lights to use extreme caution!

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