Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Fix a Flat Tire

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Ok, you are still not ready to jack up the car. If you haven't run into any obstacles yet, here is another opportunity. The bolts which hold the wheel on the car might be too tight to remove. You should definitely try to loosen them a couple of turns before you get the car jacked into the air.

Put the lug wrench over a bolt and try to loosen it (counterclockwise). It is OK to use a lot of force. Give it everything you have, if necessary. You can use your foot, too, if you have shoes on. Loosen all four or five of the lug bolts, but don't take them all of the way off yet. 

Ordinary lug nut.

Some cars have lug nut locks.

Special security nuts make it impossible for thieves to steal your awesome rims just using a lug wrench.

This type is shaped like a sprocket.

This type has a peculiar pattern on the sides, making it incompatible with a regular lug nut wrench.

Most people with these kind of locks  keep their security nut key in their glove compartment or ash tray. It is a metal cylinder, about the size of the cap to the shampoo bottle.

The key lets you grip your lug nut lock like a regular lug nut. It is a lot like that thing in the Da Vinci Code.

Finally, it is time for the jack. 

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May 23, 2007 

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