Helping African Missionaries with the Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to Replace the Starter Cord on a Lawnmower

I get a fair amount of feedback via email. One of my favorites are the notes from people who are writing in appreciation for one of the "how to guides" on Cockeyed. My all-time favorite email is below, wherein my "How to fix the starter cord on a lawnmower" basically, more or less totally saved this entire African villiage.

Mark Gardner wrote:

I'm over here in Namibia, Africa (missionary), and had a problem with getting an engine started because of a broken cord. Your website (i googled it) was a super blessing.


Wow, that is so great! What did the engine power?
When someone writes from Namibia, it is easy to imagine that they are working on something more vital than a lawnmower. :)

Thanks a lot for writing!



Hi Rob,

Well, I'd like to say it powered something really important like the generator we use to power our sound system and show the Jesus film - something like that, but in all truth, it was our daughter's go-cart. She's always wanted a pony or a horse, but where we're living, that's just not a possibility, but the go cart, well, that doesn't need a veterinary and fields for grazing, etc. etc. And when we're away for a month or a year we can just store the go cart in a container. Can't do that with a horse. : P

Thanks for your help!






Please read the Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to replace the starter cord on a lawnmower.


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July 6, 2009 

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