The Golden Ring Diet

While examining an old Egyptian pamphlet, I stumbled onto an ancient secret!

Many wise men of the pre-biblical East Africa were fascinated with geometry, and one, exploring the power of simple forms, had unlocked one of the mystic secrets of nutrition. 

I'm convinced that this secret, when combined with a smart eating plan and exercise schedule, can  help anyone lose weight!

If you are interested in nutrition and geometry-magic, or have a weight-loss goal, or are self-conscious of your body, I urge you to read further!

While most solid foods have a blocky or clumped shape, a few have a distinct shape which can be directly attributed to reduced calorie content and weight loss. This  powerful effective, magic and secret shape is the torus, or donut shape.

As you can see by the illustration, food created in a donut shape contains less food-mass than a regular food item. The hole in the center, or "FOOD VOID" does not have any fat, carbs, sugar, protein or calories. It is empty.

Foods with this empty area in the center have fewer calories, so obviously a diet, or food-plan based on foods with this shape will allow for a rapid weight loss!

Below are some of the foods which have this amazing donut shape! I think most people can find at least one item on the list they love!


Examples include:

Fruit Loops Breakfast Cereal

Pineapple slices

Spaghetti Os.

Sliced Olives.

Bread rings, Bundt cakes and ring-shaped shortbread cookies.



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July 4th, 2005.  

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