What television shows do you regret missing?

Once upon a time, if you missed a show on television, it was gone forever.

As technology matures, viewing all the television you could ever dream of has become almost effortless.

There are exactly three things which I regret missing on television, and all of them are from the 80s.

1. In 1981, my family was on a camping trip in Mendocino, California, and we missed the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Di. I'm sure I would have been bored to tears, but people talked about it for YEARS afterward, and insisted nothing like it would ever happen again.

2. The Macintosh commercial from Super Bowl 18.

This commercial was shown ONE TIME, and I missed it. 

Again, people talked about it forever. Friends of my sister even re-enacted it for me. It is still considered the best commercial ever made. I think it was 1999 before I actually saw it.

3. I regret missing the premiere of Weird Al Yankovic's Eat it  on Friday Night Videos in 1984.

There was a school function early the next morning, so I listened to the angel on my shoulder and turned off the tv early on Friday night. I missed it.


Of course, the next morning, everyone who was cool at school couldn't stop talking about it, and I was kicking myself. In this case, I did get to see the video within a couple of weeks, but by then, the hype had cooled, and there wasn't anyone to share the experience with.
None of these three examples are "shows" exactly, but you get the idea. Do you regret missing anything on television?
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What television do you regret missing?

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