Naughty Food Items

Click on the names below to see genuine photos of actual naughty foods from around the world.
For more outrageous 'rude food' and a brilliant commentary, see Darren Palmer's Site

also see prick cola sent in by Art Medlar, and Bunny Love sent in by Jennie Owens

The Cock Soup was purchased in England, made in Jamaica. The Erectus and Tiny Tit bits are from Eastern Europe. Super Titi 33 is from Indonesia, and the under horny cream was sent in by some friends in Taiwan. I found the Eat Me Dates in Hastings, UK, and minidickmanns & Nuts in Amsterdam. Donkey Balls are from Hawaii, and The Bimbo Sandwich is available in Barcelona and in select brothels in Nevada.

Pork Faggots , a la Rude Food
Prick Cola
Detail from the back of Cocksoup
Detail from the back of Spotted Dick
Spare me the imagemap, show all of them