Replacing Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings with Composites

Here is something I hope you will find interesting. On May 1st, I had some fillings replaced.

Before the procedure, while the dentist was waiting for my nerves to get numb, she noticed I was clicking through the photographs on my camera. We talked for a minute about photography, and I confessed to wanting to capture a few "at the dentist" photos for the web.

She was happy to oblige and offered to snap "before", "during" and "after" photos of my procedure.


Don't worry, there is no blood, just drilled teeth.

Small and large businesses are often wary about any kind of photos being taken on the premises, presumably because they could be used as evidence in a lawsuit. I think it is a great testament to her confidence, professionalism and expertise that she allowed me to keep and share these images.


She snapped the shots below with very little setup. She was wary of her staff getting on her case if she fell behind with her day's appointments. If you live in Sacramento and you are looking for a dentist, you should give her a call.

Terry Chin DDS. (916-451-4856)

The first photo, original silver-colored fillings plus bonus cavity.

The second photo, fillings removed, oral diorama of Grand Canyon in progress.

Third photo, new natural-colored fillings successfully created.

The operation was a success. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Hopefully the police won't ever have to use these to identify my body.

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May 16, 2008.
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