Cavalcade of Wedding Gifts!

Oh yeah. We did it.

We got married.

A nice spread of wedding photos is forthcoming, as soon as I get the film back from the luggage-scanning guys at the airport. They said they had to review the photos to check for terrorism.

It was a great wedding, and nothing important got screwed up.

The gifts! If you have ever been married in a big, public ceremony, chances are you were impressed by the gifts. We sure were!

Here are photos of some of the gifts we received from fans. Thank you! There were new boxes arriving every day for a week! Awesome!

Phil Buck sent this lovely bath towel!

Thanks Phil!

Cliff Lee sent a place setting from Crate and Barrel! Thanks Cliff, we've already eaten off of them!

Dr. Alan Lipman sent this handy towel! Perfect for the bath!

Thanks Dr. L!


Faith Martin also sent a towel. Thanks Faith. I won't have to dry my hands on my pants anymore!

John Hatfield sent this awesome Pyrex cookware set, and other gifts!

The pictured food wasn't in the box, but we will totally use the Pyrex to make stuff like that.

Thanks John!

Tom and Lisa Nardone sent some great items for the bath, including this wastebasket...

..this bowl brush...
.. and this lovely soap dish!

Thanks Tom!

At least nine people tried to get the S'mores maker from our gift registry, but couldn't find it in any stores. We were so excited to get it in the mail!

Rebecca Haycox somehow found it! 

S'mores party! Whoo! 


Thanks Rebecca! You are the gift mastermind!

S'mores party is BYOM.

Richard Boniface sent this place setting from Crate and Barrel! A mug! A bowl! Two plates!



Christopher Mayer sent this Cooling Rack! I feel cooler already!

Thanks Christopher. Now we won't have to cool the chocolate chip cookies on a block of ice.

Jeffrey Austin sent this slotted serving spoon from Crate and Barrel.

We got quite a few gifts from Crate and Barrel.

Surprisingly, no one sent a Crate nor a Barrel.

Perhaps we will buy one ourselves with the Crate and Barrel gift card from Darrell Brandon!

Thanks Jeffrey! Thanks Darrell!

Kirb of sent this woven basket.

Steve Yonamine sent one too. That one is out of the frame.

I'm sitting in it.


Stacy loved these baskets. Thank you guys so much! Your craftsmanship is incredible.

Sparky Smith sent this "Couture" serving spoon from Crate and Barrel. It is huge!
The most mind-blowing gift from a reader was from Damon Baker, an American soldier.

Just a gift for you on your wedding day, I thought It's the least I could do for you since your site has entertained me while I've been stuck over here in Afghanistan...good luck in the future with Stacy and I'm glad she's making an honest man outta ya!....just keep up the great work on the site!!! THANKS AGAIN AND CONGRATULATIONS!

He sent a large gift via Paypal!  

Incredible. We're the ones who should be helping him. I hope I can keep up the entertainment for you Damon! Stacy and I really, really appreciate your, and everyone's gifts! We are going to use the heck out of them!

-Rob and Stacy Cockerham



Karen Brady sent us a gift. It was a pillowcase. I had an awesome photo of it on my head, but..uh, it just looked.. uh, underexposed.... so the photo is out.

Thanks Karen!

Also, Andrew Stern sent a gift, a nice washcloth. It is great! Thanks Andrew, you are very thoughtful!

Douglas Conners sent this great bath towel. Pre-folded! Yes! Thanks Douglas!

Stacy was delighted to get her 2-tier fruit basket. Seriously. Delighted.

This was a gift from Chris Olsen. Thank you Chris!

Will Jones sent two bath towels. This will be a very useful after the baby shower.

Thanks Will!

Another gift Stacy was very delighted about was the AXIS glass tea light candle holder from Crate and Barrel. Karl-Heinz Kreiter, my friend in consumer fraud fighting, sent it from Germany.

Yeah. Funny!

Thanks Karl!



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February 18th, 2005.  

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