Sacramento Airport Booty

My dad alerted me to an amazing cache of hijacker weaponry being sold at our neighborhood Goodwill store.

Craft scissors, surgical scissors, sewing scissors, corkscrews, Swiss army knives and bottle openers, all available at unbeatable prices!

There is no doubt these five boxes came from the airport, sacrificed to help keep a scheduled flight.
The pocket knives are small ones, many emblazoned with promotional logos. 

There are enough to arm an entire Swiss regiment!

I bought one with "Danny Bince" engraved on the side. If you know Danny Bince, tell him I have his knife.

I got one with the apple computer logo on it too.

The boxes are at 6648 Franklin Blvd. in Sacramento if you want to see for yourself.

Maybe these scissors should be going to elementary schools and the knives should be going to the girl scouts. The corkscrews should be going to .. uh, winos?
Sacramento International isn't the largest airport in the world. I bet there are lots and lots of boxes like these being collected.

The box of handguns is probably a lot smaller.


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