Single? Alone? Perhaps you should call TV Star Evangeline Lilly.


Stacy and I are fans of the ABC show "Lost". We are suffering through the summer break, waiting for the new episodes to start this fall.

We were surprised to see one of the stars, Evangeline Lilly, in a commercial for Livelinks, taking phone calls from lonely guys wanting to "connect live". If you don't know, this is a new dating term for holding hands.

Here is a photo of Evangeline from a LOST fan site. I think it is from an island-theme promotional photo shoot.

Of course, almost every actor and actress has some dumpy jobs, hemorrhoid or herpes drug commercials. And I think this was probably one of Ms. Lilly's resume-builders.

I wondered if she regrets doing a commercial like this.

After I thought about it for a while, I realized that this probably backfired on the Livelinks people too. What good is a "singles connection" ad with a famous actress on the phone?

One might be able to suspend disbelief with another actress, but having a real star on there, it just crushes that illusion.




Unless of course, this is some kind of super-elite Hollywood beauty loveline... 


Suspended belief, REACTIVATED!

Not long after we caught the Livelinks commercials, we spotted this bus stop ad on K Street in Sacramento.

The Ad is for Lake Tahoe website

It's only part of a face, not enough to positively ID her. Could this be Evangeline again?

Do you know what happened when she showed played those cards? She "Lost" Ha ha ha ha!

Here is a better Evangeline photo with a little more ear detail. Is it the same dented ear?

A visit to the website gives a little more image, but not enough to tell if it is Evangeline Lilly.

I could probably send this stuff directly to the lab, starting a full investigation, but I really don't need another Alicia on my hands.

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August 7, 2005.

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