Photo Contest Results! - The Sneeze

Oh, what a terrific batch of eleven sneeze photos, and I've selected a winner!

Remember, the grand prize is a pair of Laser Scissors, so pay attention, because there is a lot up for grabs!



Every photo submitted was terrific. Kelly Thompson sent one which did not seem to qualify as a sneeze photo, and David Friedman sent links to his sneeze movie:


Now on to the winners!

9th Place Winner:

There's no way to take a flattering sneeze photograph.
-Benjamin Shatz




8th Place Winner:

He really is a fine looking young man. I just happened to catch him in mid-sneeze.

Ray Sadler
Nashville, TN




7th Place Winner:

Hi Rob,

This photo came while on vacation in Bryce Canyon, UT, a self-shot that looks like I'm stuck in a high-G simulator. The surprising success would be the framing, which I obviously couldn't sight at the time. Kudos on your site success and thanks for running the contest!

Matthew Glidden




4th Place Winner:

My best effort came accidentally when my drunken friend sneezed, enjoy:
-Geani The Great

P.S. It may be time for send out the search party for Steve...




6th Place Winner:

I found your website through defectiveyeti and was overjoyed at your photo contest because i actually have a picture of a sneeze stored on my computer! this was taken a few weeks ago when my daughter was 2 months old. if you need other ideas for photo contests...i also snapped a picture of her right when she was spitting up. it's priceless.




11th Place Winner:

Thomas Anderson




5th Place Winner:

This picture is from my childhood and as you can see my younger sister is caught in mid-sneeze on the right. This was a hilarious find while going through the three boxes of photos we had.
-Jacob Childers




2nd Place Winner:

I really, really hadn't planned on including any animal photos, but this one is.. just...incredible! Look at where her nose is pointing! This picture really captures the essence of a sneeze. ..which, by the way, is why Kleenex started manufacturing cameras.

Hi Rob,
Long time reader from the Republic of Davis. I am submitting a picture of my dog, Denver, sneezing. We were in Bishop and she got a blade of grass caught in her nostril. This is a wonderful picture I took of one of her sneezes. It is a bit blurry, but the angle of her nose and one closed eye just illustrates the magnitude of the perfect sneeze. As you requested, it is not a picture of a cat sneeze.

Chris Dicus
Davis, CA




10th Place Winner:

Dear Rob,
I would like you to please accept the least flattering photograph of me ever. If only I had had more time, it would have been nice to book a proper glamour shoot, and with timing I could have sneezed out the candles. Oh well, c'est la vie.
Adore your site and have done for years, even though you're remarkably heavy handed with the vegemite.



3rd Place Winner:

Guy on the left, mid-sneeze while walking by a rollover accident at our office. 2 awesome subjects in 1 picture. Taken about an hour ago. I know this cannot be beaten. Those scissors are going to be awesome. Preliminary rumors report a high school aged kid, high rate of speed, drove into small ditch across the street before rocketing back across traffic, smelled of booze. Someone was eating their lunch in the black car in the foreground, which he clipped on his way in.
Keep the updates coming Rob, can’t wait to see the pictures from this years Maker Faire.

Take care, Jeff Wakeman




1st Place - Grand Prize Winner:

This may be a baby sneeze, but it wasn’t little! Achooo!!!
Hope we win! I need some scissors!
Thanks for your great site!
Lauren S. Figge

Congraulations Lauren! That is an awesome photograph! You can probably guess why yours is the winner, but I'll point the two reasons out anyway: #1 I can see the veins contracting inside his head and #2, SPITTLE!

The scissors are on their way, please keep the laser scissors away from your baby, and don't try to bring them onboard any commercial flights.



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May 13, 2008 
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