NASCAR drive-thru

The response was awesome! Old racing friends and foes came out of the woodwork, fired up by this summer's blockbuster Cars and Fast and the Furious 3, Manila Fenderbender.

On Saturday the 17th of June, we gathered together and prepared to race.

We met in front of the 99 cent store in Raley's Plaza to go over the game plan.

We would race ten times around the Carl's Jr. Drive Thru. 

We formulated a disaster-recovery plan. If we got into trouble, we would stop and take full responsibility for our actions. ADULT STYLE!

Scott set up a camera while I began selling oversized advertising stickers for the hood and doors of my car.

We needed a checkered flag to signal the end of the race, and the 99 cent store came through!...almost.

At a little past 10 in the morning, we lined up. After a little fumbling with my five-point safety harness and Foo Fighters CD, we were ready to go!

please continue reading part three of the NASCAR drive-thru.

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June 20, 2006.

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