The IKEA Fancy Dress Dinner Party

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Showcase Showdown

Jason was at the lead and paused briefly to get his bearings. When he stopped, a very helpful employee noticed he was lost and asked him what he was looking for.

This conversation with an employee didn't look promising, but it didn't stop anyone other than Jason.

Most of us just walked past them and found rooms to occupy. Five of us sat at a large glass table in a kitchen/dining room showcase. I dustributed wine glasses and we busted out letter tiles for a rousing game of BananaGrams. Other guests were in a model living room playing Scott's Boggle! game, and some others were gathered in a third room, lounging around a television set.

Jason downplayed our real intent, but let the very nice man know that we were here to play board games, and that we had chosen IKEA for the location because it was so much nicer that any of our own actual homes.

To his credit, he could not have been friendlier or more relaxed about the situation. This guy was pretty much the opposite of all the shopkeepers/management that Improv Everywhere encounters.

We sat and talked for a few rounds.




IKEA shoppers drifted into the kitchen, but no one asked any questions. They seemed a little perplexed by our presence, but not enough to ask us what the hell we were up to.


At one point, two casually-dressed friends of Jason needed to leave, and they asked him for directions out of his "house".

"Oh, just turn left at my second living room, down the long hall, til you hit my third kitchen. Go through the second master bedroom and downstairs to the warehouse." was the reply.

As with any good dinner party, the time flew by. Bananagrams was interrupted by an announcement - IKEA was closing in 30 minutes!

It was, by now, obvious that we would never be kicked out.

The party was really rolling at this point, so I recruited as many people as I could for a boisterous game of electronic Catch Phrase.



We split into two teams for a 12-person contest of electronic beeping and feverish clue shouting.

Nine O'clock arrived and the intercom announced that IKEA was now closed.


We proceeded with a disorganized exit.

Gathering outside, we were pleased to discover a well-stocked garden area, inviting us to stay a while.

Many of us stayed, joining Jason's impromptu patio quiz show.

What a terrific time! I highly recommend having your next formal event at IKEA. Before you get started, you should be aware of some shortcomings with this location:

  1. IKEA doesn't serve the kind of beer that I like.
  2. Hors d'ouvres were impossible to track down.
  3. We had to assemble the whole thing by ourselves
  4. Not enough GULLHOLMEN in the VORDAGSRUM.

Jason writes about the Ikea Party.

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May 22, 2008.

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