Java City Lid Instructions - Busted

First letter

Hi Rob, my name is xxxx and I work in the xxxxxxx department at Java City. We have just come upon your web site and I must say we are laughing our asses off!!! I'm sure there are some who might be angry when they find out about the signs but others of us think you are probably the funniest guy we've ever read about. We are equally impressed with your Downtown Plaza prank and I hope you continue to pull these pranks whenever you can. Kudos to you for giving me a smile and laugh at the start of the day!!

Uh,oh. I guess the gig is up eh? Well, this is my first confrontation with an actual prankee. So, I probably stepped on some toes over there. I would love love love to know how the story broke in your offices. I guess my first question is...was the original sign in response to a lawsuit? That is what everyone asks me.
I am glad you liked it! I am really glad you wrote. I could probably send you one if you want it for your archives.

Second letter

One of trainers had a friend who was searching for our website, which we don't have, but when he did the search your web site came up. When he checked it out he was dying to tell his friend here because he is one of the guys who makes those types of signs. He found it very humorous and ran over to the cafe next door to see if the sign was still there. We are pretty certain that they remain in all of the cafes that you've put them in except for the corporate cafe which we've just taken down to have a laugh about. It was all just discovered this morning, so no lawsuits yet anyway! : ) We'd love to keep them up, but probably can't for "business" reasons. Don't worry though, not many here know and I don't think it's going to cause any problems. We all think it's quite funny actually. Good luck, and I hope to see more pranks on your site!!

Third letter

Oh, I missed the question about how the sign came about. Yes, it was in response to a lawsuit. Unfortunately there probably are people out there who need signs on how to wipe there ass too so they don't sue us for improper use of our toilet paper. After the whole McDonald's thing people were complaining of being burnt by the coffee when slapping their lids on. I guess it saves our butt to put the appropriate way of how to lid a cup. It's pretty sad really!

Fourth letter

So, the day is coming to an end and most of the Corporate Office knows of the signs and it looks like it was an overall success. Everyone has gotten a good laugh about the whole thing. People have even talked about having a shirt made saying "I've Seen The Sign" on one side and your sign printed on the other. I'm sure you'll receive more emails from people other than myself to credit you for your work. It seems the comment of most is that we need to give you a job!

Fifth letter

You may use whatever you like for your website! If shirts get made I'll be sure you get one. Have a good weekend.

Sixth letter

Sorry to bug you again. I guess there are a few selected here who do not have the sense of humor that most of us do, so I would appreciate it if you didn't use my name. You may say something about the correspondence between us if you would like. I've been here for quite a while and like working here so it's best to stay anonymous to keep my job. Thanks so much.

Seventh letter

I'll be sure to let you know of any opportunities that arise. I'm sure the cafes have no idea who you are so your drinks should be fine! You can say I'm from the Corporate Offices. I should be pretty safe. I'm not even sure that anything would come of it, but I guess you never can be too careful. Especially on Friday the 13th. So I must ask, were you always a prankster with your friends too, or is this strictly an artist thing? As for your question earlier regarding our web one really knows why we don't have one. It will remain another one of the mysteries of the world!

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July 25th, 2001.
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