Atkinz Menu Feedback

Last July, I changed one page in the TGIFriday menu, and mailed out a few copies for friends to distribute.

In April, L---- K----- wrote to give me the inside story about what happened in La Crosse after Ben Bilgri snuck our new menu into rotation at his favorite Wisconsin restaurant. Her letter is below:


If only I would have found you sooner!

I'm an employee at Friday's in La Crosse, WI and I thought you might like to 
know the out come of one of your menu pages. (Forgive me for some foggy 
details as I'm writing you this many months after the fact.)

The beautiful menu page floated around the restaurant for at least one day. 
My boyfriend (who was a host at the time of the prank) happened to find the 
menu page while cleaning menus one night at the end of his shift. He looked 
it over, thought is was a great idea, and placed the menu back into 
circulation. (Neither of us were very happy with our employer last summer, 
and we were happy that there was someone out there who hated Friday's as 
much as we did.)

Either the next day or shortly thereafter, during my shift, a table found 
your menu page. Their server quickly took the page to management (after the 
table asked to keep it) and the news of the menu page soon reached the ears 
of all employees.

The page was displayed in for the rest of the day in the office as 
management talked over the "disaster." The host staff was ordered to look 
through all the menus for more fake menu pages. Unfortunately, there was 
only one. (I was hoping that there was someone on a corporate level who 
printed and sent out entire packages of Atkinz menu pages, but the one was 
good enough.) Management was enraged, we even had the District Manager come 
down and tell us of other Friday's having the same page.

"The page" was talked about for weeks, some employees admiring the effort, 
some condemning it. One of the host even said that (if it was mixed in with 
the regular menu pages) she might have slipped it into the menus on 
accident. Once you get into the routine of stuffing those pages in, your 
brain turns off and you just go with the flow.

It was wonderful to read how you accomplished this feat, and wonderful to 
hear the stories of how it happened. Congratulations, Rob for a job well 
done, and Ben for replacing the menu page. It was a great experience. Good 
luck on all of your pranks!

Yours truly,
"L--- K----" and "B----"

Perfect! Thanks L----- K---- for your letter!

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May 10th, 2005.  

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