Paparazzi Contest Winners

It was not easy to choose winners for the paparazzi contest. There were so many great photos. 

But! Prizes await, so here are your winners!



First Prize, $100:

This photo by Eric just has it all. Most importantly, SCANDAL! Or at least the appearance of scandal. Congratulations! His crew also had many excellent photos.


Second Prize, Cockeyed T-Shirt.

Melissa had some of the best pictures in the bunch, and she had a lot of them! I also loved the shots she got of us inside the glass elevator, from 50 yards away.

Melissa also wins for most photos, with a total of 191 (that's three per minute).


Third Prize, Cockeyed T-Shirt.

Dan took a really great photo. This was one of the only close-up shots with both of our faces forward. I never would have guessed that Stacy would have more expressive faces in these photos!


Jason Adair took the photo which will fit best on the 2007 calendar. He had a number of great shots of the crowd. You'll have to wait 'til I finish the calendar to see which one I selected.

Thanks to Steve at TheSneeze for promotion!

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August 31, 2006.

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