The California Quarter Designs


To vote visit the California quarter website

I'm pulling for quarter #18, the one with the square around it. I also voted to make the California quarter worth 45˘

The images are very small on the official site, so I thought I would load them all here full size. Then I decided to give them titles...

Coin 1: Where'd Mount Rushmore go?


Coin 2: Marin County buys the Hollywood sign


Coin 7: Garden department 50% off sale


Coin 11: California, Talented Youngsters


Coin 10: California, the extraordinarily detailed state


Coin 13: The Predator State


Coin 16: The Ultimate Fantasy Treehouse


Coin 19: California, the Rice-A-Roni State


Coin 18: California: The Panhandling State


Coin 17: Shaquille O'Neal Commemorative Coin


Coin 20: California, home of indestructible icons


Coin 5: Happy Thanksgiving!


Coin 12: American Gladiator Champions: 1994-2001


Coin 4: California, the Hula State 


Coin 8: California, home of awesome sonic booms


Coin 6: Wha?! These aren't my negatives!


Coin 14: I can see all the way to New Mexico!


coin 3: What happened to that old miner that was out here earlier?


Coin 9: The goldenest, most beautiful gate in the world!


Coin 15: EurekaŽ Brand Toffee Clusters


Despite my comments, I think almost any one of these would be a pretty good quarter for California. It is pretty hard to encapsulate all of this state on 0.6 square inches. Too hard for me, anyway.

To vote visit the CA quarter website

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Last updated January 3, 2003

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