The Tehran Conference Schedule for 2007

After hearing that Iran was sponsoring a conference questioning the Jewish holocaust, I went in search of other conferences to be held in Iran. 

I hit the jackpot! A complete list of conferences planned Tehran International Trade and Convention Center, also called the Milad Complex. 



January 8-12:

March 21-28:

April 2-6:

May 5-20:

June 1-4:

June 10-14:

July 10-11:

July 27-31:

August 2-7:

September 6-8:

What if there were to be a second World War? 

The American Indians were invented by Walt Disney 

Olympics? In Utah?! When was this? 

Michael Jordan is not a real person. 

How could Vader be his father? That's crazy talk. 

Creationism and Evolution: both are impossible. 

14th Asia-Oceania Congress of Endocrinology

Was there ever really a Playstation 1? 

Canada is Obviously Photoshopped in. 

The Nobel peace prize? I'll believe it when we win one.


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December 13, 2006.

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