The Torn-Up Credit Card Application

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Then, on March 4th, I got the phone call.

It was my dad. Some mail had arrived for me at the house!

I loaded the family in the car and we stopped in for our usual biweekly monthly occasional visit.

I tore open the envelope and found my new card!

YES! The Chase Mastercard had arrived! It was really shiny, and new, with its very own account number!



I used my cell phone to activate the card. It was incredibly convenient for me to get a card without having to actually be in my house!


I'm off now to charge up some fur coats and Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners! It is like free money!

Things worked out just fine for me, I got my card, and I'm happy. But for you, you might be worried right now. Every credit card application you get is now like a villain from a suspense thriller. If you don't figure out how to completely destroy it, it may come back to terrorize you in the sequel.

Perhaps a good solution would be for Credit card applications to come packaged with a coupon to buy a new shredder!


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March 10th, 2006  

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