Hiring a Home Depot Guy

How Fast do French Fries Cool Down?

How Much is Inside?

How Much is Inside Yogurt: Fruit

How Much is Inside a Car Wash?

How Much is Inside Articles on Cockeyed.com

How Much is Inside a bottle of Goldschlager?

Science Club

Electronic Cigarettes - The Fog Machine for Your Face

Spinning Rim Centrifuge

Disscating a cockroach

Viscosity Testing

How To Guides

how to have a halloween costume contest

What is the Learning Curve?

How to Decorate with Christmas Lights

Ideas for Shade Structures from Disneyland


Garden Sheds at Home Depot

Giving Garden Sheds some ridiculous Marketing Slogans

Caution: Ant

Constructing an unlikely danger zone in a neighborhood park.

IKEA Living

Installing some tiny furniture showcases in Ikea.

Paparazzi Contest

Fabricating my own celebrity sighting mob at a local mall.

Incredible Creations

California costume

QR Code Costume

paper mache globe

ketchup packet bear


2008 Maker Faire

I visited the Maker Faire again in 2008.

Improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment

I finally got a chance to participate in an event by Improv Everywhere. They were right down the road in San Francisco, with an MP3 Experiment.

Family Trip to Disneyland 2013

I met my Sister's family and we went back to Disneyland for three days. We had some highlights and some lowlights

Travel articles on Cockeyed.com


Disaster Casualties Visualization Tool

How Much Time is Left in the Basketball Game?

Car crash

New-Fashioned Mail Fraud

Photographic Height Weight Chart

Herbalife Analysis

TV AD Database

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Friends: Retrocrush
Deluxe Vectors
One Foot Tsunami
Defective Yeti
Improv Everywhere
Nick Berry's Site

How to Fix a Fence

Famous Directors and their Movies


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