How to Set up a Lemonade Stand for your kids

Painting over Grafitti

Photographic Height Weight Chart

5' 4", 260 lbs.

5'9", 200 lbs.

5' 2" 170 lbs.

5' 5", 120 lbs.

How Much is Inside?

How Much is Inside a jar of Dial Complete?

How Much is Inside a can of Mixed Nuts?

How Much is Inside a Million Dollars

How Much is Inside: Sandwiches?

Science Club

Neighborhood Speed Trap

Electronic Cigarettes - The Fog Machine for Your Face

On the Street: Guess Your Blood Alcohol Level Booth

Science Club articles on

How To Guides

How to Decorate with Christmas Lights

How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

How Not to Build a Patio Cover

How to make an Umbrella Base


Roseville Mall Time Machine

Installing a broken time machine at the Roseville shopping mall.

Open Soon

Posting Open Soon Flyers for Surprising New Businesses in town.

Flowers from His Lover

Act 2 of the Hargrave Prank War - Arranging a Bogus Flower Delivery.

TGIFriday's Menu Swap

Creating and Installing phony menu pages at a popular chain restaurant.

Incredible Creations

paper mache Elvis

California costume

paper mache hummingbird

Feather Pinwheel


New Orleans

In late 2002, I had a chance to visit New Orleans. This was three years before Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything. I hung out with Wendy and took pictures at University of New Orleans for How Much is Inside an Acre.

Improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment

I finally got a chance to participate in an event by Improv Everywhere. They were right down the road in San Francisco, with an MP3 Experiment.

2008 Maker Faire

I visited the Maker Faire again in 2008.

2009 Maker Faire

I visited the Maker Faire again in 2009.


Who Uses Their Turn Signal?

Redbox: The Unbreakable Vending Machine

The Unexpected Concert Experience

Antiques Roadshow - The Ultimate Neat Stuff Show

Photographic Height Weight Chart

Herbalife Analysis

TV AD Database

Staff Page

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Friends: Retrocrush
Deluxe Vectors
One Foot Tsunami
Defective Yeti
Improv Everywhere
Nick Berry's Site

How to Fix a Fence

Famous Directors and their Movies


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