Banana Split Comparison

Hiring a Home Depot Guy

Photographic Height Weight Chart

5' 4", 260 lbs.

5'9", 200 lbs.

5' 2" 170 lbs.

5' 5", 120 lbs.

How Much is Inside?

How Much is Inside a can of Silly String?

How Much is Inside a pack of Chewing Gum?

How Much is Inside Oreos?

How Much is Inside a box of Honey Bunches of Oats?

Science Club

Disscating a cockroach

Coldest drink in town?

Cool Trunk

Science Club articles on

How To Guides

How to fix a Lawnmower pull cord

50 Backyard Fence Ideas

How to change your brake pads

How To guides on


Menu Board

Expanding the dessert menu at McDonalds drive-thrus.

Arden Mall Ashtrays

Installing some unlikely ashtrays in an indoor shopping mall.

Flowers from His Lover

Act 2 of the Hargrave Prank War - Arranging a Bogus Flower Delivery.

Dancing Pickle Sign

Erecting a fake sign which formally bans Dancing Pickles

Incredible Creations

Jenga Costume

Feather Pinwheel

Cockerham Gallery of Costumes

Africa costume


2010 South by Southwest

In 2010 I was invited to speak at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. I met up with the guys from Cyanide and Happiness and did a couple of pranks with John Hargrave from

Costa Rica Travel

My sister Chris and I visited Costa Rica for a week in 2000. It was a beautiful trip, even after my passport was stolen.

Burning Man Experience

I went to Burning man.

Superbowl XLI - Miami, Florida

Stacy and I were invited to help John Hargrave pull off a prank during the halftime show at the Superbowl. This is the craziest, most complex, most expensive prank I've ever been a part of.


Kirby Vacuum Mail

3 Problems with Child Car Seats

The 146 Drugs in Walmart's $4 Prescription Drug Plan

Taking a closer look at the War Medals of George W. Bush

Photographic Height Weight Chart

Herbalife Analysis

TV AD Database

Staff Page

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Friends: Retrocrush
Deluxe Vectors
One Foot Tsunami
Defective Yeti
Improv Everywhere
Nick Berry's Site

How to Fix a Fence

Famous Directors and their Movies


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