Since 1998, Brooke, Mark, Stacy and I have been bravely documenting scientific principles.
This has earned each one of us honorary Doctorate degrees from multiple mail-order Universities in the United States and abroad.
Read about our endeavors below.

Which Firework is the Loudest?

My Year of Coincidences

Cost to store a VHS tape in a NYC apartment?

Guess Your Blood Alcohol Level Booth

In Search of the Loudest Restaurant in Sacramento

How Much do Clothes Weigh?

Trying to Make Clear Ice

Searching the Indian Ocean for a Plane Crash

Electronic Cigarettes - The Fog Machine for Your Face

Scott Leased an Electric Ford Focus

The Secret Advantage of Coors Light Beer Cans

Testing the Effectiveness of a Beer Cozy

Which is More Fragile, Eggshells or Taco Shells?

How Ice Rinks are Made

Shaken vs. Stirred: Martini Temperature

Real Appliance Energy Use Tests

How Much Does it Cost to Power Christmas Lights?

How Long Does it Take Beer to Explode in the Freezer?

The Fastest Way to Cool Down Beer

Which Type of Cup Keeps Cold Drinks Coldest?

Comparing LED light bulbs with Regular Bulbs and CFLs

Icebreaker! The Ultimate Frozen Drink Temperature Challenge!

Using Salt and Ice Water to Cool Down Beer

Coors Light Cold Activation Temperature Indicator Decoder

Eyeclops Night Vision Testing

Hairdryer vs. Bowl of Water

How Long Does it Take to Use the Bathroom During a Movie?

What does a video projector on a disco ball look like?

Where is the coolest place to store things in your car?

The weight of popcorn before and after it pops

Does the Sunchips bag really decompose in a compost pile?

Sensefly Drone Airplane Camera

Disscating a cockroach

Which bay area drivers are not using hands-free devices?

Which supermarket door is locked after hours?

How to Fix the Rubbernecking problem in traffic?

Miracle Fruit Pills Taste Test

Inventing Hot Air Bubbles that float like they are filled with helium

Helium Bubbles

Turning my rims into a Spinning Centrifuge

How to Slow Down Cars in your Neighborhood

Which Pizza Delivery or Take and Bake Gets to your house fastest?

Using the Eyeclops Magnifying Toy to get a much closer look at everyday objects

How to Use a Breathalyser to Determine how Drunk your Guests are

Is Fiberoptic cable the same as fishing line?

The Incredible Efficiency of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The Ultimate Barry Marshall Fan Page - The Guy who figured out stomach ulcers and helped patients save billions of dollars a year.

What's the Best Way to Preserve leftover Beer in a Keg?

How Much Backwash is left in the glass after you drink?

Advertising with Chalk Stencils on the Sidewalk

How Long does it Take to Get a Tan using a Tanning Bed?

How Much Weight can a Single Helium Balloon Lift?

How Did Vioxx Work, and Why did it Get Recalled?

Can you send mail with helium balloons?

Four Heating and Melting Experiments - The Properties of Heat Transfer

Testing Different Types of Insulation with a Melting Ice Test

How Much Does it Cost to Eat Every Meal at Home?

How Much Does it Cost to Eat Every Meal Out at Restaurants?

Photographing a real-life series of laser tattoo removal sessions

Comparing Different methods of drying a load of clothes from the Laundry - Dryer vs. Clothesline

Testing the Viscosity of Thick and Thin Liquids

How many Pages of a magazine are Advertising, and how many are Actual Content?

Collecting Data in the Field, including Stats on cell phone usage in cars, Percentage of empty truck beds and regular people shooting free throws

Testing the Likelyhood of toast landing butter-side down when it falls to the ground

How to refill an Ink Cartridge

How much liquid can various types of tampons actually hold?

Exploring the Guts of Lightbulbs


Hot Pocket Dissection
How much of What is inside a Hot Pocket?

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