Yeah! Nanuet!

119 Rockland Center Suite 103
Nanuet, NY 10954

Suite 103 at this UPS store is the home of no less than six spam companies: Boolever, eStrategic, Center Union, Crystal Traffic, Winsom Group and Pactweb.

Note the Weight Watchers place next door, a feature also found at the Rewards Center place in Las Vegas.

I get at least 15 junk emails per day from these companies, so I was thrilled when Gregg Paur volunteered to voyage to Nanuet, New York to check out the corporate headquarters:

I'm trying to find out a little more about the Nanuet, NY spammer - It
appears to be yet another UPS Store. Since Nanuet, NY is only about 10
miles away from Haverstraw, NY, I think it's a safe bet it's the same guy.
Do you want me to try for some pics?

UPS store. Box 103.


That's a tiny little box for six different spamming companies. I wonder how many phone lines they have installed in there.
Below are five unsubscribe graphics copied from the bottom of my incoming spam. These graphics are remarkably similar to the spam coming out of Pacelight, Triecet, Absolute Offers and Wholezone in Haverstraw, New York.

Maybe the nine-fold spamming CEO lives between these two New York towns.. or maybe he has never been here at all.


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July 6th, 2004.  

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