Fishing Line Fiberoptics

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I set up a little system to create my bundle of fishing line. I hung the spool on the wall, and spun off a series of six-foot lenghts.


I used a piece of double-stick tape along the back of a chair to keep all the strands manageable. As long as I had one end of each fiber neatly arranged, I figured I'd be able to get the tangles out.

Soon I had beautiful locks flowing right down the back of the chair. This fishing line was so strong and healthy, it shined!

When I came to the end of the line, I grouped together my one clean end and smoothed out the unwieldy bundle of cable.

It still wasn't an impressive diameter, so I doubled them over and cut the strands in half. Now I had a nice cord of three-foot fibers.

I figured that melting the ends all together would be better than the collar I had seen on other fiberoptic toy bundles, so I heated up our stove.

I used a flat bottle opener as a disposable melting surface. The technique created a nice blob that held the cords all together.

Now I just had to add some light!


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April 20th, 2006.  

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