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Hey I've been checking out your site for months now. It all started with the Light Sharpener (freaking cool!) and then i checked out your halloween costumes. I started doing costumes 2 years ago with a homemade beetlejuice outfit with my wife dressing up as Lydia (the wynona rhyder character). Then last year was Matthew Lesko (the guy with the question mark suit who tries to sell you the book full of free money). Then after seeing your Dr. Octopus costume i was inspired to go even bigger. So this year i'm making a Shredder costume. Shredder is the Bad guy from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, cartoon, and the early 90's movie. I love the Dwight bobble head and can't wait to see how it turns out. I've attached pictures of past costumes and the progress on the shredder helmet as of a week ago (it's now done and i've moved on to the body armor). Hope you like the costumes. Next year I've got something huge planned and I can't wait

Brian Adle

Hello Rob,
I wrote to you from work a few days ago regarding my Halloween costume. Well, here it is. I am pleased to say that I did get the "car" portion of the costume working!

I wanted to be Doc Brown this year so I bought cheap painters coveralls and painted them with the appropriate markings. Then I grabbed an old remote control I had, threw on a tool belt and purchased that wacky wig (which wasn't really the best choice, but it's all I could find). Coveralls were $8, the wig was $12, paint was $1.59 and the stopwatch was $14.

But my best accessory was my car - I already owned a DeLorean and thought it would be totally wild to slap on some black cooling towers. Then it hit me - it would be 10x cooler if they actually worked. So I made up a cardboard tubing system and connected it to my fog machine and voila. If you like, check out my blog for more details and pictures. http://dmcme.blogspot.com
The exact post is http://dmcme.blogspot.com/2007/10/88-miles-per-hour.html

Your ideas are excellent to the max and reading about all your costume contest adventures is very exciting. We don't have anything even close to that going on in my city. I'm sure part of the reason is that by the time Halloween rolls around here, it's so darn cold.

Bye for now,



Hey Rob,

I've been reading your website since early high school, when my friend
linked to "How Much is Inside a Sharpie" in his high school angsty
LiveJournal. Now that I'm a junior in college, I decided it was high
time to try out a "crazy-big" costume.

But not an immediately recognizable costume. The idea behind this
admittedly confusing and esoteric costume came from my Environmental
Studies class. Apparently, back in Russia a long time ago, some guys
were bored with hunting wolves with guns, so they decided to train a
species of golden eagle to swoop down and kill the wolves. Eagles
don't do this in the wild, so they decided to cover their own children
in leather armor, wolf fur, and raw meat. They managed to train the
eagles to swoop down and knock the children over, and eventually this
translated to killing wolves.

When I read this article, the image of a child covered in meat running
away from an eagle was too funny to pass up. I mean, what the hell,

I used many of the skills I've learned on your website - the eagle was
flour-and-water paper mache and spray paint. It was made at a
"comfortable height." The backpack and PVC system was a bit
precarious (I didn't have a frame backpack, so I improvised with some
duct tape and cross beams made of foam-core), but worked surprisingly
well, especially when I leaned forward. It looked like the eagle was
swooping down for the kill.

I wore the costume to Trick Or Drink, the Halloween party at Harvey
Mudd College, in Claremont, CA. Rumor has it that it rivals UCSB's
party in terms of awesomeness, but I've never gone to that one, so I
don't know. I did end up having to tell the story about thirty times
that night, but it sure was fun to stick out in the crowd and to see
groups of people actively trying to figure out what on Earth you're
trying to be. It was a good time.

Thanks for inspiring me,
Claire O'Hanlon



Hey Rob,

You have an awesome costume this year. I hope you won something.
Here is what my girlfriend (Myra Poe) and I came up with this year.
In honor of the recently deceased, we went as Brett Sommer and Charles
Nelson Reilly.


Lance Miller
Recovering soda addict


Hey Rob,

Here's my entry. I don't know if you remember my Viking outfit last year, but here's my Samurai outfit.
Just like the Viking outfit, it was made completely out of 32 gal. Rubbermaid garbage cans.



BTW, Love the Dwight head!

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