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Hey Rob! As a resident of Minneapolis, I felt compelled to go as a the U.S. Senator who put our humble airport on the map, Larry Craig of Idaho. I was tempted to shave my head down to male pattern baldness, but instead decided to focus on adding an aiport related feature to my costume, like my own portable bathroom stall. It was pretty simple to build, 1/8 inch board to keep it light, 1x2 planks to strengthen the corners. The hinges and the latch ended being a real pain (especially when trying to find ways to attach them to 1/8 inch board, but I wanted the functionality (for entrance/exit, plus flashing possibilities. I think Larry would be proud.). Little detail I was proud of, the pants around my ankles. I split them up the crotch to allow me greater mobility, and them ziptied them to my ankles to keep them in place. Worked out pretty well, all in all.



Hi Rob,

I love your Dwight bobblehead costume. Brilliant! This year was the
first in a long time that I've put any effort into a costume. I
thought of you many times while I was building it, usually along the
lines of, "#@%$... I bet Rob Cockerham would have found a MUCH simpler
way to do this..." But I think my costume turned out great--it's
Sputnik! Earlier this month was Sputnik's 50th birthday, so I thought
it appropriate. Please enjoy the attached photos.

The construction was pretty straight-forward: A couple plastic,
hemispherical garden planters taped together, four wooden dowels and
some fasteners, a can of silver spraypaint, and lots of cutting and
cursing. I only took it to one Halloween party, but I won Best
Costume! I have also come to appreciate even more all the sacrifices
you make not just building, but also wearing your massive costumes. My
little Sputnik was amazingly unwieldy--I can scarcely imagine how
cumbersome some of your costumes have been.

Happy Halloween!
Jordan Running

Hello Rob -

I hope you enjoy my Discobelle of the Ball costume. I got 2 domes vacuformed, cut out the top and bottom, velcroed the sides together, hot glued mirrors on and hung it with a couple belts. Topped off with the tinsel wig, flashing lights on mirrored bracelets, mirrored shoes, mini speakers on my ipod playing disco funk tunes and even sparkly underpants.

You can see more pics at:

Happy Halloween!

PS Dave (the Rubbermaid Samurai) and I are friends, he turned me on to your site!


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November 5, 2007.  

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