What's Wrong with your House?

There are a lot of obvious things that make a house less than ideal. A tiny kitchen, dim lighting or dreadful wallpaper, for example. There are also a million things that are more subtle, such as shallow cabinets, bad water pressure or impossible parking.

Whenever I move into a new home, I am careful to avoid the problems I have already had to live with, but inevitably, I find a few new ones.

In our last house, I think the place was haunted. 

Leasing this place, we knew to ask if it was haunted, but we got stung on another front: The faucet which controls cold water goes from tiny stream to fire hose

Despite the appearance of a continuous range of water pressures, there is no "medium" setting. Attempts to find locate a middle-speed are met with an unbelievable banging noise.

Obviously, it isn't a deal-breaker, but I do wish I had spotted this problem before we signed the lease. Who knew we should have even checked?

With that in mind, I'd like to build a list of things that can be wrong with your house. Particularly I'd like to hear about things that caught you off-guard.

I'm collecting answers below. You can read what others have contributed so far, and I'll clean up and share the complete list in the near future. 

Thank you!

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What's Wrong with your House?

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