I love to get postcards.  I think everyone loves to get them, so I came up with this scheme to send postcards all over the place.

The basic idea is to enlist 50 school teachers, one in each US state, and get their class to commit to writing and sending out 50 postcards.

I think this activity would be appropriate for 3rd to 5th graders, but I don't have any kids or students, so feel free to let me know if I'm way off.


You mail 50 postcards out to schools all over the nation...


Then you get 50 postcards back from those same schools.

Each school teacher is going to have to get their hands on 50 postcards and 50 postcard stamps.

Postcard stamps are 23 each, so the 50 stamps are going to cost $11.50.

If you find 25 postcards, that will be $12.50 in postcards, 40 postcards will run you $20, and 95 postcards will cost you $47.50.

Many places in California sell postcards 4 for a dollar, so I think this scheme is affordable. The payoff of 50 postcards from around the nation should be pretty awesome.

At this stage, there is only room for one teacher from each state, so I've set up a state sign-up page that will indicate whether your state is currently represented.

If you are like the idea, and you would like to make the solid commitment to send 50 postcards, please send me an email with your...

Name, school name and address, grade level, room number and phone number.

Only the first responding schoolteacher from each state will be included in this first round. If it looks as if it is going to be a success, I'll set up a second round at that time.



  • Participants must be signed up by January 15th, 2003.
  • Really cheap or free postcards can sometimes be found. Please use picture postcards that represent your state. The state name and scenery would be best. Please don't use postcards that are advertising something. Examples of good postcards, examples of lousy postcards.
  • If there aren't teachers registered from all 50 states by January 17th, I'll let everyone know, distribute the addresses I have and let individual participants make their own decision regarding project completion.
  • If there are 50 participants registered, I'll email the addresses to everyone involved. You must send cards to all of them (except yourself).
  • Someone has to write something on the cards, preferably regarding your state.
  • Postcards must be postmarked by February 15th, 2003.
Click here to see if your state is already registered.

If you know 3rd to 5th grade teachers in the US, I'd appreciate if you let them know about this project.




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