The Worst Business to be in Right Now

Stacy, June and I were having dinner over at a friend's house, and the conversation turned to starting a business.

The articles I wrote about Herbalife still get a ton of traffic, and I get lots of emails from people asking for advice about a good business to get into.


That's tough. Even if I did know of a good business to get into, I would probably keep my mouth shut and get into it myself. I wouldn't tell other people, because I would be shooting myself in the foot, creating competition for myself.

However! I can offer something!

I can advise you about businesses which are not good businesses to get into, and I'll bet that other people will be happy to share their thoughts on this subject as well.

I have two examples. In 2005 I heard this snippet: "Getting into the adult toy business is a great way to go out of business". And at dinner, as soon as I mentioned "worst businesses to get into", Ashley's father declared carnival rides and miniature golf the worst business to get into.

So, there is a start, two businesses which might be the worst businesses to get into right now.

Do you have advice about a terrible business to get into right now?


Read the business warnings and comments.

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September 26, 2007  

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