The plan was to invite some friends over to flip the car over onto its back. Jane agreed to help with photos.

The task was scheduled for 5pm on Sunday. 

I drained the oil, radiator, power steering and gas tank the best that I could. I also removed the battery. When people started to arrive, we pushed the car into an empty parking lot behind my house.

This was shaping up to be the opposite of an old fashioned barn-raising.

There was enough space for seven people. We agreed that the best way to avoid injury was to make sure that nobody let go unexpectedly. Tom, Shawn, Chris, Rob B., Dietrich, Lauren and I grabbed a piece of car and got ready to lift.

Someone gave a count.

On three, we lifted the side right up. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard. 

The 2,500 lb. curb weight of an '87 Integra would be almost impossible to get completely in the air, but we weren't lifting it, we were just shifting the center of balance.

I suppose you could compare it to lifting one side of a 350-pound Ms. PacMan console by yourself.


It went over onto its side magnificently! 

It looked incredible and bizarre. 

Everyone backed away and took in the view.

The driver's side glass had shattered, allowing the front floormats to make an escape. 


Professional driver, closed course. Do not attempt these maneuvers. 

Tom pointed out that all the glass would probably be broken when we pushed the car over, so he suggested that we pre-smash them.

I ran upstairs and came back with a sledgehammer.

With seven hits, and a little rock-throwing from Tom, we had shattered all the remaining glass, showering the parking lot with little diamonds* of broken glass.

It didn't take much effort to topple the car from this point.

The car tipped to this flat spot and tumbled over.


The car came to rest upside down. We had done it!

Suddenly police cars zipped in from two directions.

They got out of their cars and demanded to know who was responsible.


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May 5th, 2004.

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