Reader-Submitted Collisions

These are the first responses from  readers answering the question "What happened in your crash? Did it change the way you drive?

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I've had two car accidents in my life and, like you, several near-misses.

My first car accident was the summer after I got my license. I was taking a girl home one night in the rain. We almost missed her street and when she pointed it out at the last second I tried to crank it to make the turn. Needless to say we skidded off the road, hitting a telephone pole. The important lesson I learned from this was that when you are just about to miss a turn you want to make (or a freeway exit you want to take) you are better off just going on and then turning around instead of trying to make it at the last second.

My second and most recent accident (although it was more than 6 years ago) occurred when I was looking over my shoulder to change lanes on a busy road when a guy cut me off and slammed on his brakes. Whenever you rear-end someone it is your fault regardless of how they got to be in front of you. The lesson there is to never look over your shoulder for more than a second to see if you can get over and always be aware of what is in front of you.

Some of my near-miss stories are awesome but I guess those will have to wait for another time!

In a town close to where I grew up there is a rather steep hill that has a couple of lights on it. I was stopped at the first of the two lights and they (they turn at the same time) turned green all of the cars started moving. It was a busy day for the hill so we were only moving about 15 mph. All of the sudden, a guy decided he missed his turn and slammed on his brakes. I heard the skidding so I started to slow down. Well, everyone in front of me decided it was way worse than what I thought and everyone behind me though everything was fine. The Trans Am in front of me was showroom clean and his rear end went up in the air as he slammed on his brakes. My front end went down as I hit my brakes and I went right under his car. The car behind me hit my car as well. The only damage to the Trans Am was a smudge. The guy literally just rubbed it off as we were waiting for the cops. My back end was fine but the weight of the Trans Am smashed my hood all up. $2000 worth of damage for a new hood, paint, and labor.

After that I have always kept an eye out for morons. If that guy would have driven to the next intersection that has a dedicated turn lane and leads to the EXACT same location with a couple of extra turns it would have saved several people from having their days ruined.

Adam from Columbus, OH

I rear-ended someone once. I was following too closely and he had to stop suddenly. After that I have always kept a safe distance.

What happened in your crash? Did it change the way you drive?


Reader Submitted Collisions page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10      Introduction

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July 22nd, 2006 

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