Sample Codes for the Dating Profile Decoding

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Hello. If you have found this code in someone's dating profile, it is a clue to their email address.
To find their email address, simply click "search for an email address" above!

talc flashlight 
Banana Chalk 
gold sweater 
enamel gravel 
silk carton 
glass oven 
zinc plantains 
alabaster parasol 
zinc typewriter 
orange faucet 
cardboard telephone 
Cardboard Telephone 
potasium daisy 
Eciuj Renob 
Monkey Potatoes 
tin frames 
paper tomatos 
serpentine parrot 
fortified predicate 
alabaster plantains 
ruby violins 
silver sweater 
Jek Porkins 
paper flashlight 
alabaster dispenser 
New Disco Map 
miraculous styrofoam 
ivory parasol 
serpentine gravel 
Firey Pancakes 
purple loaded giant 
serpentine parasol 
wine chimney 
gorgonzola ampersand 
serpentine percolator 
Nintendo Wii 
slate zipper 
glass puffin 
Rusty Shackle 
purple monkey dishwasher 
cork scarf 
ruby scarf 
Uranium Waffles 
silk aquarium 
hair kiosk 
brush galaxy 
Plutonium Macintosh 
dragonmeat sausage 
apple juice| 
Peanut Blue 
wooden wire 
iron panda 
mylar elk 
alabaster turboprop 
ruby flashlight 
wooden planter 
shoop da whoop 
cellar door 
medieval pizzacutter 
linen buzzard 
ivory wire 
paper puffin 
chrome mints 
mastic tablesaw 
paper parrot 
ivory violins 
toucan operator 
Diurnal Monopede 
wool mandible 
plastic monkey 
string hole 
oxycontin enema 
Chocolate Bonsai 
paper percolator 
paper bunker 
wool tomatos 
crafty tomato 
Florentia Viola 
serpentine parasol 
sassy boondoggle 
Fortified Monkeytown 
mylar crust 
sweet slippery salamander 
marble joists 
sinister coffee 
wooden parrot 
nancy lunacy 
wingnut assassin 
Potassium Toaster 
enamel gravel 
tile wire 
zinc typewriter 
cactus frypan 
flying sideburns 
serpentine flashlight 
hair dispenser 
hot stuff 
paper violins 
mylar duck 
talc jaw 
Banana Alderman 
palmetto sequence 
blue earth 
wooden planter 
repentive fivehead 
concealer code 
tope discombobulator 
chrome sweater 
Liquid Mongoose 
Aqua Mongoose 
mongoose hats 
Cherry Lampshade 
slate microwave 
cork planter 
Allans codedemail 
tin hut 
polymer parrot 
alabaster lawn 
silk forceps 
lime equaloner 
swishy trouser 
pugnacious verisimilitude 
cherry peashooters 
cork planter
wooden planter
chrome planter
tin planter
alabaster planter
ivory planter
marble planter
zinc planter
talc planter
wool planter
glass planter
slate planter
silk planter
gold planter
silver planter
paper planter
Mylar planter
enamel planter
tile planter
hair planter
polymer planter
serpentine planter
ruby planter
cork frames
wooden frames
chrome frames
tin frames
alabaster frames
ivory frames
marble frames
zinc frames
talc frames
wool frames
glass frames
slate frames
silk frames
gold frames
silver frames
paper frames
Mylar frames
enamel frames
tile frames
hair frames
polymer frames
serpentine frames
ruby frames
cork parasol
wooden parasol
chrome parasol
tin parasol
alabaster parasol
ivory parasol
marble parasol
zinc parasol
talc parasol
wool parasol
glass parasol
slate parasol
silk parasol
gold parasol
silver parasol
paper parasol
Mylar parasol
enamel parasol
tile parasol
hair parasol
polymer parasol
serpentine parasol
ruby parasol
cork lawn
wooden lawn
chrome lawn
tin lawn
alabaster lawn
ivory lawn
marble lawn
zinc lawn
talc lawn
wool lawn
glass lawn
slate lawn
silk lawn
gold lawn
silver lawn
paper lawn
Mylar lawn
enamel lawn
tile lawn
hair lawn
polymer lawn
serpentine lawn
ruby lawn
cork carafe
wooden carafe
chrome carafe
tin carafe
alabaster carafe
ivory carafe
marble carafe
zinc carafe
talc carafe
wool carafe
glass carafe
slate carafe
silk carafe
gold carafe
silver carafe
paper carafe
Mylar carafe
enamel carafe
tile carafe
hair carafe
polymer carafe
serpentine carafe
ruby carafe
cork surgery
wooden surgery
chrome surgery
tin surgery
alabaster surgery
ivory surgery
marble surgery
zinc surgery
talc surgery
wool surgery
glass surgery
slate surgery
silk surgery
gold surgery
silver surgery
paper surgery
Mylar surgery
enamel surgery
tile surgery
hair surgery
polymer surgery
serpentine surgery
ruby surgery
cork pans
wooden pans
chrome pans
tin pans
alabaster pans
ivory pans
marble pans
zinc pans
talc pans
wool pans
glass pans
slate pans
silk pans
gold pans
silver pans
paper pans
Mylar pans
enamel pans
tile pans
hair pans
polymer pans
serpentine pans
ruby pans
cork antlers
wooden antlers
chrome antlers
tin antlers
alabaster antlers
ivory antlers
marble antlers
zinc antlers
talc antlers
wool antlers
glass antlers
slate antlers
silk antlers
gold antlers
silver antlers
paper antlers
Mylar antlers
enamel antlers
tile antlers
hair antlers
polymer antlers
serpentine antlers
ruby antlers
cork dispenser
wooden dispenser
chrome dispenser
tin dispenser
alabaster dispenser
ivory dispenser
marble dispenser
zinc dispenser
talc dispenser
wool dispenser
glass dispenser
slate dispenser
silk dispenser
gold dispenser
silver dispenser
paper dispenser
Mylar dispenser
enamel dispenser
tile dispenser
hair dispenser
polymer dispenser
serpentine dispenser
ruby dispenser
cork sweater
wooden sweater
chrome sweater
tin sweater
alabaster sweater
ivory sweater
marble sweater
zinc sweater
talc sweater
wool sweater
glass sweater
slate sweater
silk sweater
gold sweater
silver sweater
paper sweater
Mylar sweater
enamel sweater
tile sweater
hair sweater
polymer sweater
serpentine sweater
ruby sweater
cork trough
wooden trough
chrome trough
tin trough
alabaster trough
ivory trough
marble trough
zinc trough
talc trough
wool trough
glass trough
slate trough
silk trough
gold trough
silver trough
paper trough
Mylar trough
enamel trough
tile trough
hair trough
polymer trough
serpentine trough
ruby trough
cork parrot
wooden parrot
chrome parrot
tin parrot
alabaster parrot
ivory parrot
marble parrot
zinc parrot
talc parrot
wool parrot
glass parrot
slate parrot
silk parrot
gold parrot
silver parrot
paper parrot
Mylar parrot
enamel parrot
tile parrot
hair parrot
polymer parrot
serpentine parrot
ruby parrot
cork jaw
wooden jaw
chrome jaw
tin jaw
alabaster jaw
ivory jaw
marble jaw
zinc jaw
talc jaw
wool jaw
glass jaw
slate jaw
silk jaw
gold jaw
silver jaw
paper jaw
Mylar jaw
enamel jaw
tile jaw
hair jaw
polymer jaw
serpentine jaw
ruby jaw
cork mints
wooden mints
chrome mints
tin mints
alabaster mints
ivory mints
marble mints
zinc mints
talc mints
wool mints
glass mints
slate mints
silk mints
gold mints
silver mints
paper mints
Mylar mints
enamel mints
tile mints
hair mints
polymer mints
serpentine mints
ruby mints
cork flashlight
wooden flashlight
chrome flashlight
tin flashlight
alabaster flashlight
ivory flashlight
marble flashlight
zinc flashlight
talc flashlight
wool flashlight
glass flashlight
slate flashlight
silk flashlight
gold flashlight
silver flashlight
paper flashlight
Mylar flashlight
enamel flashlight
tile flashlight
hair flashlight
polymer flashlight
serpentine flashlight
ruby flashlight
cork elk
wooden elk
chrome elk
tin elk
alabaster elk
ivory elk
marble elk
zinc elk
talc elk
wool elk
glass elk
slate elk
silk elk
gold elk
silver elk
paper elk
Mylar elk
enamel elk
tile elk
hair elk
polymer elk
serpentine elk
ruby elk
cork carton
wooden carton
chrome carton
tin carton
alabaster carton
ivory carton
marble carton
zinc carton
talc carton
wool carton
glass carton
slate carton
silk carton
gold carton
silver carton
paper carton
Mylar carton
enamel carton
tile carton
hair carton
polymer carton
serpentine carton
ruby carton
cork scarf
wooden scarf
chrome scarf
tin scarf
alabaster scarf
ivory scarf
marble scarf
zinc scarf
talc scarf
wool scarf
glass scarf
slate scarf
silk scarf
gold scarf
silver scarf
paper scarf
Mylar scarf
enamel scarf
tile scarf
hair scarf
polymer scarf
serpentine scarf
ruby scarf
cork joists
wooden joists
chrome joists
tin joists
alabaster joists
ivory joists
marble joists
zinc joists
talc joists
wool joists
glass joists
slate joists
silk joists
gold joists
silver joists
paper joists
Mylar joists
enamel joists
tile joists
hair joists
polymer joists
serpentine joists
ruby joists
cork wire
wooden wire
chrome wire
tin wire
alabaster wire
ivory wire
marble wire
zinc wire
talc wire
wool wire
glass wire
slate wire
silk wire
gold wire
silver wire
paper wire
Mylar wire
enamel wire
tile wire
hair wire
polymer wire
serpentine wire
ruby wire
cork font
wooden font
chrome font
tin font
alabaster font
ivory font
marble font
zinc font
talc font
wool font
glass font
slate font
silk font
gold font
silver font
paper font
Mylar font
enamel font
tile font
hair font
polymer font
serpentine font
ruby font
cork violins
wooden violins
chrome violins
tin violins
alabaster violins
ivory violins
marble violins
zinc violins
talc violins
wool violins
glass violins
slate violins
silk violins
gold violins
silver violins
paper violins
Mylar violins
enamel violins
tile violins
hair violins
polymer violins
serpentine violins
ruby violins
cork typewriter
wooden typewriter
chrome typewriter
tin typewriter
alabaster typewriter
ivory typewriter
marble typewriter
zinc typewriter
talc typewriter
wool typewriter
glass typewriter
slate typewriter
silk typewriter
gold typewriter
silver typewriter
paper typewriter
Mylar typewriter
enamel typewriter
tile typewriter
hair typewriter
polymer typewriter
serpentine typewriter
ruby typewriter
cork duck
wooden duck
chrome duck
tin duck
alabaster duck
ivory duck
marble duck
zinc duck
talc duck
wool duck
glass duck
slate duck
silk duck
gold duck
silver duck
paper duck
Mylar duck
enamel duck
tile duck
hair duck
polymer duck
serpentine duck
ruby duck
cork hut
wooden hut
chrome hut
tin hut
alabaster hut
ivory hut
marble hut
zinc hut
talc hut
wool hut
glass hut
slate hut
silk hut
gold hut
silver hut
paper hut
Mylar hut
enamel hut
tile hut
hair hut
polymer hut
serpentine hut
ruby hut
cork kiosk
wooden kiosk
chrome kiosk
tin kiosk
alabaster kiosk
ivory kiosk
marble kiosk
zinc kiosk
talc kiosk
wool kiosk
glass kiosk
slate kiosk
silk kiosk
gold kiosk
silver kiosk
paper kiosk
Mylar kiosk
enamel kiosk
tile kiosk
hair kiosk
polymer kiosk
serpentine kiosk
ruby kiosk
cork mandible
wooden mandible
chrome mandible
tin mandible
alabaster mandible
ivory mandible
marble mandible
zinc mandible
talc mandible
wool mandible
glass mandible
slate mandible
silk mandible
gold mandible
silver mandible
paper mandible
Mylar mandible
enamel mandible
tile mandible
hair mandible
polymer mandible
serpentine mandible
ruby mandible
cork scales
wooden scales
chrome scales
tin scales
alabaster scales
ivory scales
marble scales
zinc scales
talc scales
wool scales
glass scales
slate scales
silk scales
gold scales
silver scales
paper scales
Mylar scales
enamel scales
tile scales
hair scales
polymer scales
serpentine scales
ruby scales
cork bunker
wooden bunker
chrome bunker
tin bunker
alabaster bunker
ivory bunker
marble bunker
zinc bunker
talc bunker
wool bunker
glass bunker
slate bunker
silk bunker
gold bunker
silver bunker
paper bunker
Mylar bunker
enamel bunker
tile bunker
hair bunker
polymer bunker
serpentine bunker
ruby bunker
cork turboprop
wooden turboprop
chrome turboprop
tin turboprop
alabaster turboprop
ivory turboprop
marble turboprop
zinc turboprop
talc turboprop
wool turboprop
glass turboprop
slate turboprop
silk turboprop
gold turboprop
silver turboprop
paper turboprop
Mylar turboprop
enamel turboprop
tile turboprop
hair turboprop
polymer turboprop
serpentine turboprop
ruby turboprop
cork quiche
wooden quiche
chrome quiche
tin quiche
alabaster quiche
ivory quiche
marble quiche
zinc quiche
talc quiche
wool quiche
glass quiche
slate quiche
silk quiche
gold quiche
silver quiche
paper quiche
Mylar quiche
enamel quiche
tile quiche
hair quiche
polymer quiche
serpentine quiche
ruby quiche
cork pacemaker
wooden pacemaker
chrome pacemaker
tin pacemaker
alabaster pacemaker
ivory pacemaker
marble pacemaker
zinc pacemaker
talc pacemaker
wool pacemaker
glass pacemaker
slate pacemaker
silk pacemaker
gold pacemaker
silver pacemaker
paper pacemaker
Mylar pacemaker
enamel pacemaker
tile pacemaker
hair pacemaker
polymer pacemaker
serpentine pacemaker
ruby pacemaker
cork aquarium
wooden aquarium
chrome aquarium
tin aquarium
alabaster aquarium
ivory aquarium
marble aquarium
zinc aquarium
talc aquarium
wool aquarium
glass aquarium
slate aquarium
silk aquarium
gold aquarium
silver aquarium
paper aquarium
Mylar aquarium
enamel aquarium
tile aquarium
hair aquarium
polymer aquarium
serpentine aquarium
ruby aquarium
cork barrier
wooden barrier
chrome barrier
tin barrier
alabaster barrier
ivory barrier
marble barrier
zinc barrier
talc barrier
wool barrier
glass barrier
slate barrier
silk barrier
gold barrier
silver barrier
paper barrier
Mylar barrier
enamel barrier
tile barrier
hair barrier
polymer barrier
serpentine barrier
ruby barrier
cork beak
wooden beak
chrome beak
tin beak
alabaster beak
ivory beak
marble beak
zinc beak
talc beak
wool beak
glass beak
slate beak
silk beak
gold beak
silver beak
paper beak
Mylar beak
enamel beak
tile beak
hair beak
polymer beak
serpentine beak
ruby beak
cork windmill
wooden windmill
chrome windmill
tin windmill
alabaster windmill
ivory windmill
marble windmill
zinc windmill
talc windmill
wool windmill
glass windmill
slate windmill
silk windmill
gold windmill
silver windmill
paper windmill
Mylar windmill
enamel windmill
tile windmill
hair windmill
polymer windmill
serpentine windmill
ruby windmill
cork zipper
wooden zipper
chrome zipper
tin zipper
alabaster zipper
ivory zipper
marble zipper
zinc zipper
talc zipper
wool zipper
glass zipper
slate zipper
silk zipper
gold zipper
silver zipper
paper zipper
Mylar zipper
enamel zipper
tile zipper
hair zipper
polymer zipper
serpentine zipper
ruby zipper
cork soil
wooden soil
chrome soil
tin soil
alabaster soil
ivory soil
marble soil
zinc soil
talc soil
wool soil
glass soil
slate soil
silk soil
gold soil
silver soil
paper soil
Mylar soil
enamel soil
tile soil
hair soil
polymer soil
serpentine soil
ruby soil
cork tomatos
wooden tomatos
chrome tomatos
tin tomatos
alabaster tomatos
ivory tomatos
marble tomatos
zinc tomatos
talc tomatos
wool tomatos
glass tomatos
slate tomatos
silk tomatos
gold tomatos
silver tomatos
paper tomatos
Mylar tomatos
enamel tomatos
tile tomatos
hair tomatos
polymer tomatos
serpentine tomatos
ruby tomatos
cork converters
wooden converters
chrome converters
tin converters
alabaster converters
ivory converters
marble converters
zinc converters
talc converters
wool converters
glass converters
slate converters
silk converters
gold converters
silver converters
paper converters
Mylar converters
enamel converters
tile converters
hair converters
polymer converters
serpentine converters
ruby converters
cork quays
wooden quays
chrome quays
tin quays
alabaster quays
ivory quays
marble quays
zinc quays
talc quays
wool quays
glass quays
slate quays
silk quays
gold quays
silver quays
paper quays
Mylar quays
enamel quays
tile quays
hair quays
polymer quays
serpentine quays
ruby quays
cork rotelle
wooden rotelle
chrome rotelle
tin rotelle
alabaster rotelle
ivory rotelle
marble rotelle
zinc rotelle
talc rotelle
wool rotelle
glass rotelle
slate rotelle
silk rotelle
gold rotelle
silver rotelle
paper rotelle
Mylar rotelle
enamel rotelle
tile rotelle
hair rotelle
polymer rotelle
serpentine rotelle
ruby rotelle
cork shears
wooden shears
chrome shears
tin shears
alabaster shears
ivory shears
marble shears
zinc shears
talc shears
wool shears
glass shears
slate shears
silk shears
gold shears
silver shears
paper shears
Mylar shears
enamel shears
tile shears
hair shears
polymer shears
serpentine shears
ruby shears
cork forceps
wooden forceps
chrome forceps
tin forceps
alabaster forceps
ivory forceps
marble forceps
zinc forceps
talc forceps
wool forceps
glass forceps
slate forceps
silk forceps
gold forceps
silver forceps
paper forceps
Mylar forceps
enamel forceps
tile forceps
hair forceps
polymer forceps
serpentine forceps
ruby forceps
cork microwave
wooden microwave
chrome microwave
tin microwave
alabaster microwave
ivory microwave
marble microwave
zinc microwave
talc microwave
wool microwave
glass microwave
slate microwave
silk microwave
gold microwave
silver microwave
paper microwave
Mylar microwave
enamel microwave
tile microwave
hair microwave
polymer microwave
serpentine microwave
ruby microwave
cork wastebasket
wooden wastebasket
chrome wastebasket
tin wastebasket
alabaster wastebasket
ivory wastebasket
marble wastebasket
zinc wastebasket
talc wastebasket
wool wastebasket
glass wastebasket
slate wastebasket
silk wastebasket
gold wastebasket
silver wastebasket
paper wastebasket
Mylar wastebasket
enamel wastebasket
tile wastebasket
hair wastebasket
polymer wastebasket
serpentine wastebasket
ruby wastebasket
cork harvester
wooden harvester
chrome harvester
tin harvester
alabaster harvester
ivory harvester
marble harvester
zinc harvester
talc harvester
wool harvester
glass harvester
slate harvester
silk harvester
gold harvester
silver harvester
paper harvester
Mylar harvester
enamel harvester
tile harvester
hair harvester
polymer harvester
serpentine harvester
ruby harvester
cork handles
wooden handles
chrome handles
tin handles
alabaster handles
ivory handles
marble handles
zinc handles
talc handles
wool handles
glass handles
slate handles
silk handles
gold handles
silver handles
paper handles
Mylar handles
enamel handles
tile handles
hair handles
polymer handles
serpentine handles
ruby handles
cork scope
wooden scope
chrome scope
tin scope
alabaster scope
ivory scope
marble scope
zinc scope
talc scope
wool scope
glass scope
slate scope
silk scope
gold scope
silver scope
paper scope
Mylar scope
enamel scope
tile scope
hair scope
polymer scope
serpentine scope
ruby scope
cork gravel
wooden gravel
chrome gravel
tin gravel
alabaster gravel
ivory gravel
marble gravel
zinc gravel
talc gravel
wool gravel
glass gravel
slate gravel
silk gravel
gold gravel
silver gravel
paper gravel
Mylar gravel
enamel gravel
tile gravel
hair gravel
polymer gravel
serpentine gravel
ruby gravel
cork oven
wooden oven
chrome oven
tin oven
alabaster oven
ivory oven
marble oven
zinc oven
talc oven
wool oven
glass oven
slate oven
silk oven
gold oven
silver oven
paper oven
Mylar oven
enamel oven
tile oven
hair oven
polymer oven
serpentine oven
ruby oven
cork percolator
wooden percolator
chrome percolator
tin percolator
alabaster percolator
ivory percolator
marble percolator
zinc percolator
talc percolator
wool percolator
glass percolator
slate percolator
silk percolator
gold percolator
silver percolator
paper percolator
Mylar percolator
enamel percolator
tile percolator
hair percolator
polymer percolator
serpentine percolator
ruby percolator
cork joist
wooden joist
chrome joist
tin joist
alabaster joist
ivory joist
marble joist
zinc joist
talc joist
wool joist
glass joist
slate joist
silk joist
gold joist
silver joist
paper joist
Mylar joist
enamel joist
tile joist
hair joist
polymer joist
serpentine joist
ruby joist
cork valves
wooden valves
chrome valves
tin valves
alabaster valves
ivory valves
marble valves
zinc valves
talc valves
wool valves
glass valves
slate valves
silk valves
gold valves
silver valves
paper valves
Mylar valves
enamel valves
tile valves
hair valves
polymer valves
serpentine valves
ruby valves
cork crust
wooden crust
chrome crust
tin crust
alabaster crust
ivory crust
marble crust
zinc crust
talc crust
wool crust
glass crust
slate crust
silk crust
gold crust
silver crust
paper crust
Mylar crust
enamel crust
tile crust
hair crust
polymer crust
serpentine crust
ruby crust
cork peel
wooden peel
chrome peel
tin peel
alabaster peel
ivory peel
marble peel
zinc peel
talc peel
wool peel
glass peel
slate peel
silk peel
gold peel
silver peel
paper peel
Mylar peel
enamel peel
tile peel
hair peel
polymer peel
serpentine peel
ruby peel
cork water
wooden water
chrome water
tin water
alabaster water
ivory water
marble water
zinc water
talc water
wool water
glass water
slate water
silk water
gold water
silver water
paper water
Mylar water
enamel water
tile water
hair water
polymer water
serpentine water
ruby water
cork plantains
wooden plantains
chrome plantains
tin plantains
alabaster plantains
ivory plantains
marble plantains
zinc plantains
talc plantains
wool plantains
glass plantains
slate plantains
silk plantains
gold plantains
silver plantains
paper plantains
Mylar plantains
enamel plantains
tile plantains
hair plantains
polymer plantains
serpentine plantains
ruby plantains
cork pocket
wooden pocket
chrome pocket
tin pocket
alabaster pocket
ivory pocket
marble pocket
zinc pocket
talc pocket
wool pocket
glass pocket
slate pocket
silk pocket
gold pocket
silver pocket
paper pocket
Mylar pocket
enamel pocket
tile pocket
hair pocket
polymer pocket
serpentine pocket
ruby pocket
cork puffin
wooden puffin
chrome puffin
tin puffin
alabaster puffin
ivory puffin
marble puffin
zinc puffin
talc puffin
wool puffin
glass puffin
slate puffin
silk puffin
gold puffin
silver puffin
paper puffin
Mylar puffin
enamel puffin
tile puffin
hair puffin
polymer puffin
serpentine puffin
ruby puffin

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March 12, 2007 

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