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Check out these fake personal ads. Each has a concealed email code:
Single Female age 28
Just a normal girl looking for a normal guy. Does this even exist? I am looking for someone who is sincere, honest, who loves to laugh and is not embarrassed being around a loud laugh. Check Enamel Gravel. I am not asking for much, just someone that I can be myself around who is comfortable doing the same. If this sounds like you, I would love to hear from you. Attractive, non-athletic, but you could not tell by looking at me.

Single Male age 27
I'm just looking for a girl who...

...likes herself, has a cute smile, is ridiculously smart, drinks non-fruity alcoholic beverages, is very good at something, wears make-up, is not easily offended, is not a drug-addict, has travelled some, has read good books, spells basic words correctly, isn't a snob, is looking forward to St. Patrick's day, is over 21, can carry on intelligent conversations, and isn't obsessed with indie music. Silk Carton.

If you fit this profile, let me know. I'm worth it.

Doubleclicking Professional
Single Female age 31
Hi guys-
I am looking for a man that does not have children and does not want them.
I want a guy who likes to have fun, but can be serious too. I want someone who isn't afraid of potentially being in a serious relationship. I am tired of playing games and would like to meet someone I have great chemistry with! Glass Oven. Please be between the ages of 28-38 give or take a year or so.
Stars for Eyes
Single Female age 23
Easy going, laid back, and easy to hang with. Laughs about anything and have been told I'm funny. Not your stereotypical girl- I don't like sappy romance movies, not materialistic, could give a crap about what the new fashion is -That doesn't mean I dress bad though. Zinc Plantains. I tend to wear snug jeans and snug tops, and am more of a simple, nice dresser. In my opinion anyway. I like classic and slapstick comedy, music, martial arts/action movies. Not into cars or television.
Did you find their concealed email codes? Obvious?

Check the Email Concealer Code Search Page to test them!

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