An Unusually Wide Variety of Crap Mail from Tuesday, March 8th.

I'd guess than an average week's mailbag contains 4,000 spam emails, 75 Nigerian business proposals, fifty positive fan mails and one angry tirade. 

The flotsam must have aligned on Tuesday, because I got four sour letters in one day. Enjoy.


First, at 7:20am, from Australia. I assume this is in regards to the herbalife story:

From: Karen []
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 7:20 AM
To: Rob at

If you took five minutes to read the marketing plan….you would start to understand how easy it is to make an honest living…I would suggest that you have more time on your hands then you can handle….get a life!!






 Then, another long one a little after noon, about Vertical Skip Marketing, the newest marketing vision for Herbalife:

From: Thomas ________ []
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 12:48 PM
To: Rob at
Subject: Dear Rob

Hi Rob,

Your information regarding Herbalife, was at one time accurate.  I as a distributor was embarrassed to see all of the trashy signs.  For the last 2 years it has been against company policy to post, and thereby, we no longer see signs (Thank God!).  Second,

Your information on this web site is inaccurate:

1st sentence: Correct to a point – we do market Herbalife Products with Vertical Skip Marketing

2nd paragraph:  Entirely incorrect – “Short story: You will probably be asked to buy a "decision kit" for $38 or so, then you will be asked to spend $299, for an "international business package" (IBP), then you will be asked to spend $2,000 to accumulate "Value Points" to become a "supervisor".

Vertical Skip Marketing does not offer a decision package of any sort.  If you watch our presentation, you will see that it talks about $99 with is the cost of a Herbalife Distributor Kit (IBP).  It is a straight sign up with no profit.  This is different from OTHER Herbalife systems that sell the $38 d-pack and the $299 sign up – which they profit approximately $120 total.  We have NO profit on Sign up.

With regard to, “then you will be asked to spend $2,000 to accumulate "Value Points" to become a "supervisor".”  This is inaccurate in 2 places, #1 there is no obligation to become a supervisor to make profits.  #2 Qualifying as a supervisor requires you accumulate 4000 VOLUME points of sales in one month between you and the people you recruit.

Please either remove your web site (s), or correct it with the above ACCURATE non-libelous information.  I appreciate it.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions

Thomas Hayes




Then at 2:19 pm, another:

From: Joshua Cox []
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 2:19 PM
To: rob at
Subject: Immediate Article Removal Request

To whom it may concern, This is in response to an article on your site:

I ask that you please remove this article from your site as it contains our company's trade name. We feel that this article is not good for our image and that it may be causing undue damages that may translate into a loss for our company. We came across this article by a basic web search that we perform regularly on a variety of search engines. We did not give the author of this article permission to use our Trade Name and we ask that this article be removed from your public access.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this issue.

Joshua M Cox
Business Solutions of America




And finally the last one, about the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Story:

From: Rachel Bloomfield []
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 4:03 PM
To: rob at
Subject: Kirby

Dear Kirby Hater!
I know you have your views on Vacuum cleaners but you do not know all the facts. If you want all the condition that is in your house to stay there and cause allergies and asthma then dont spend however much on a vacuum, but the Kirby can clear your home of all the sand and grit that destroys your carpet by cleaning from the bottom up so right there your saving anywhere from $2000-$20,000 on carpet replacement. As well as it helps restore your furniture so theres another $2000 you save, and between what you spend on shampooing and vacuums alone over the next 20 years is astronomical! So in turn your actually saving money when you buy the Kirby, not wasting it. Whens the best time to start saving Rob? Yesterday like I thought! As well the Kirby is 1 out of 2 machines that is guarenteed to get all the dust mites and dust mite feces out of you matress (which btw is the cause of 1/6 kids respatory problems) The only other machine is called the Royal and is $1000 and only sold commercially.
And if you must buy it on ebay theres only 2 catches. one would be that it doesnt come with the lifetime rebuild warrenty, hence why you would never have to buy a vacuum again. As well as if it cost about $600 on ebay, whats the shipping cost? shipping is determined by weight! do you know how heavy it is? its about 20 lbs, have you ever shipped anything thats 20 pounds? Its almost as much as $600 So really your not saving anything on Ebay at all! Your just getting a used vacuum for the same price!
And as far as the salesman, I happen to be one, Im a 19 year old "Blonde" as you like to put it and I do shampoo the carpets myself, and I dont pressure at all as well as I wouldnt be so rude to leave the popcan on the porch, if the one particular guy you mentioned did so, then he would have been fired!
Thanks for your time


Anyway, that is it. I always treat negative emails with respect, and give full refunds to the dissatisfied readers.

I'm sure the hate mail numbers for the rest of the month will flatten out, and even if they don't, they could never match the number of cool, complimentary, congratulatory ones. 


-Rob Cockerham

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March 9th, 2005.  

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