Hello. I look forward to working with a lot of people all around Sacramento. Please write!

Use a subject line that indicates the contents of your message, that will allow me to sort through a lot of mail quickly.

If you have a question or comment, read the FAQ first and please use the subject line Sac Gas Comment.

If you want to report one price at one particular station, use a subject line that indicates the price and the station, such as: Station #027 at $1.97. If you want to report on a bunch of stations, line them up as best you can at the beginning of the email like this:

Station Number Name Price per gallon
#127 Arco $1.94
#129 Arco $1.93
#137 DTP $1.94
#138 Hite's Dairy Farm $1.92

 If you want to volunteer as a daily price-reporting gasoline connoisseur, use a subject line that indicates which particular station you want to report on, such as I'll watch Station #015!

I'm not using functional mailto tags so that I can avoid spam.


More information about Sacramento Gas Connoisseurs:

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