I don't want to save 5 cents a gallon, I want to save 80.

I will need help for this plan to work. I enjoy driving, but there are too many far-flung stations to keep an eye on all of them by myself.

  1. Check www.cockeyed.com/139 and buy gasoline at the station with the lowest price.
  2. Support low-priced stations by patronizing their mini-marts. Corn dogs! 
  3. Print and keep a list of the Sacramento gas station numbers in your car.
  4. Spread the word by mentioning the Sacramento Gas Connoisseurs in conversation and/or by posting a link on your own website. (Please don't spam everyone in your address book)
  5. Report low prices in Sacramento, especially if they are lower than the current lowest price.
  6. Sign up to be a Sacramento Gas Connoisseur: Adopt one of the 38 cheap stations on the Sacramento Station list & report its price each day. 
  7. Buy the cheapest gas possible, particularly if you buy a lot of gas or manage many vehicles.
  8. Submit new, cheap Sacramento gas stations to the list
  9. Print and keep the Map in your car, or memorize the cheap gas station ID numbers.

Sacramento Gasoline Connoisseurs Member List

New Gas Station Submission Form: Html file  Word Doc


More information about Sacramento Gas Connoisseurs:

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