Testing the Sumo Titan Bean Bag Chair


Sumo Titan is probably the most entertaining piece of furniture you will ever own. The Titan is an obscenely large bean bag chair filled with small, maybe shredded foam chunks. Its actually more like a beanbag couch.

I was asked to review the Sumo Titan, and as luck would have it, our living room had a big open spot in front of the fireplace.

It arrived in a giant box. You know its a special delivery when the UPS guy sticks around to see what's in the box.

After checking to make sure this wasn't my mail order bride, I asked the kids to try opening it.


It had been degassed and stuffed into the box, so it expanded as it emerged, growing into a giant marshmallow shape. Its got about a 5'x4' footprint.

After this photo, I pulled on the microsuede cover. It zipped into place.




My young kids can't resist leaping onto it. It is soft like a pillow, but with a little more resistance.


It wasn't bouncy like a mattress, it grabbed the kids like a catchers mitt. Sometimes we got upset with the kids habit of jumping on it. They also preferred the Sumo to sitting on a chair or the couch, so they often fought over who got to sit on it, even when there was plenty of room for both of them.


The Sumo chair is great for gatherings, everyone loves it. But for dance parties at our place, we do have to move it into a back room.

Its hilarious to move, and probably unlike anything you've experienced. Its heavy, semi-solid and amorphous.


In almost any room, it's going to be the first choice for people trying to relax. It holds two adults beautifully.


The Titan holds eight people maximum.


But it's also nice to have it all to yourself.

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June 9, 2011. | 

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