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The U.S. Military is for Rich People

I let a homeless person sleep on my couch

Let's Make Some Tiny Houses for Homeless in Sacramento

You Might be Shocked by the Prices of Prescription Drugs with Ads on Television

Updated! Posting Enhanced Parking Signs in Sacramento

Chris, age 65, Poster Child for Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes

Update! Nicknames for the Infamous

One Year of Observed Littering

All of these TVs are Below Average!

Target vs. Walmart: 2015

The clever new Superbowl ticket process for 2015

Special Garbage Can for Homeless

A Larger Box of Ziplock Bags

Cleaning up at my Adopted Fence

Walmart Pricing Problem

Another Backyard Treasure Hunt for Kids!

Ty wrote to describe his experience interviewing for Banker's Life Insurance Company

End of Summer Treasure Hunt for Kids

Health Problems as People Age: On the Street Interviews

Green and Brown Lawns in Sacramento

Painting over Grafitti

Banana Split Comparison

iPhone vs. Galaxy Note size comparison

An Experiment in Gas Rationing

Spotting Fake Facebook Friends

How Much Time does a Dishwasher Save?

Marvel at the Price of a PS4 & XBox One at RentaCenter

Fake Interview at Bankers Life and Casualty Company

Incredibly Depressing Mega Millions Lottery Simulator!

Green and Brown Lawns in Sacramento

How Much Time does a Dishwasher Save?

The Oatmeal Markup

Antiques Roadshow - The Ultimate "Neat Stuff" Show

Iphone vs. Kia

Let us Dilute that For You

Razor and Blades Business Model

Short-Circuiting the Facebook Tease Video Link

Other Websites Besides which are Broken

Visualizing the Price of a Television

Personal account of working for commision at Banker's Life Insurance

3 Problems with Child Car Seats

How Much Time is Left in the Basketball Game?

Who Uses Their Turn Signal?

Other Web Problems

The Cross-Section of a Couch

Used Car vs. the Price of a New Car

Rental Car Keys are Horrible

The Time it Takes

Incorrect Shelf Prices at Walmart

Two Prices for Auto Body Repair

Roadside Sobriety Test

Cash in your Pennies

Get your Shit Together Walmart

Price Increases at Fast Food Restaurants

Yard Sale is an Entire Wholesale Shoe Store Scam

Disaster Casualties Visualization Tool

Walmart vs Target: 2013 Price Comparison

Nicknames for the Infamous

Ten Thousand of the Most Common Multiplication Equations

Paint Recycling Locations in California

Aaron's Lease to Own - How to Buy a $1,300 Playstation

My Walmart is Cheaper than Your Walmart

YourDailyJobSearch Email Scam

210 Health Questions from the Kaiser Application

Viagra vs. Marijuana - Which is Easier to Buy?

What Happens When you Ban Plastic Bags?

What I Could Buy Instead of Health Insurance

Voter Photo

Skyscraper Qurans

The Luxury Quiz

An Array of Cordless Tools

Dumping My Amazon Affiliate Links

The Tale of my Would-Be Playstation 3 Coupon Exploit

Testing the Sumo Titan Bean Bag Chair

NFL's Random Drawing for Super Bowl Tickets Ends June 1st

The Most Common Weight Loss Surgeries

My Friend Nikki got Weight Loss Surgery

How to Turn Found Property in to the Sheriff's Department and Get it Back

How Far Should you Drive to Save a Stamp?

99 Cent Only Store? Now Just In Theory

Walmart vs. Target - Grocery Price Comparison

Redbox: The Unbreakable Vending Machine

Fake Interview at Bankers Life and Casualty Company

The New Starbucks Cup Holds an Entire Bottle of Wine

Fast Food Menus with Calories Included

Playing $1,000 on a Slot Machine

Buying from Rent A Center is Like Using the Worst Credit Card Ever

Your Friend didn't get Mugged in London

How to return your Kirby vacuum cleaner and Cancel your sales contract

What is making that damn sound?

The 146 Drugs in Walmart's $4 Prescription Drug Plan

Moving to Another Country with a Shipping Container

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